Age 25 – Erections were no problem and I did not get soft


Last night (early this morning) I brought a girl back to my place, that I know. As soon as she took her dress off I had an instant boner and she noticed. The old me would have been hesitant to even invite her over. And if I did, I would have thought of an excuse to get rid of her.

Long story short, erections were no problem and I did not get soft. In fact, I was hard until she left a little while ago. I thought she might think it is weird that I rarely went soft, then I thought to myself WHO GIVES A SH*T – she’s here in the moment so screw everything else.

Bonus points – she complimented the size of my package and said I’m a great kisser (I’ve always been told this but when you have PIED you only think of the worst).

Day 71 of infinity.

I did have fetishes. Nothing crazy though. Klixen and gang bangs were the worst part. My first “long” streak was 29 days then after that only 3-4 days for a couple of months. Now this  streak. I have been on NoFap for about 4.5-5 months. I’m 25.

By holacomoestas7

LINK – I got a boner!


UPDATE – 110 Days – Hard Mode

Not really going to get into it. I wanted to post a self-congratulatory post to myself, as I did on Day 90.

A couple of quick notes though;

1) super powers are not real, your brain is simply rewiring itself to your natural state. If you were a gamer before NoFap then you will probably be a better gamer with a dick that works. If you were anti-social before NoFap then you will still be anti-social. However, and the big however, is that you’ll be able to recalibrate your brain to having “super powers” IF you want to change yourself. Rewiring during NoFap is easier to commit to because your brain is in the process of change – this means it’s “easier” to learn how to be social, how to pick up girls, how to be happier, how to be an alpha and the list goes on.

2) Your dick will start working again. So if you wanna count the days until it does, then do that. If you wanna set the timer once and then disappear from this thread until you get morning wood, then do that. Do whatever makes you happy, you’re a man! And I promise your dick will work again.

3) The harder you make NoFap for yourself, the harder it will be to get back to reality. For instance, if you need p0rn blockers, if you need to block Instagram models, if you need to stay away from women etc – then once you reintroduce these things into your life you will be more likely to relapse. Stop using these “tools” as motivators. Don’t block your favourite p0rn site, simply don’t visit it. Don’t block Instagram models, simply use social media less. Don’t stay away from women, embrace them..and if they wanna slob on your knob then let them – your erectile dysfunction will clear up way quicker after you get comfortable a few times.

4) These are simply my opinions, and I’ve always stated they’re not for everyone (previous posts). REMEMBER – NoFap was NOT designed to bang bitches. It was designed to help you out of the hole you’re in and help you find more success in ALL avenues of life.

5) Pussy will come and go. Your erectile dysfunction will come and go. Fapstronauts will come and go. If you stick to this though, your life will come and stay.

Good luck boys and girls. Here’s to the next 70 days.

UPDATE – 256 Days Later

My acne didn’t clear up. My beard is mildly thicker (wasn’t really a problem before anyhow). My hair has always grown thick. My nails grow faster. I cum in 10 seconds. I currently have 2 girls looking for super serious relationships and display slight jealously when they see me with other girls. I met them both during my nofap journey and haven’t done anything sexual with either – also they are both very good looking and very good girls, not your typical sleep arounders. My gains are way better, probably because I never went to the gym before nofap. Girls are way easier to approach because my brain finds it way easier to start a conversation and continue it. I get more attention from guys and girls, probably because I engage back in conversation and dress better than I used to. Voice is mildly deeper. Memory is way better. Still sleep for a full 8 hours and feel some tiredness.

My point behind this post, nofap is different for everyone. To stop wanking isn’t going to fix your life, it’s the changes that go along with nofap that will advance you.

I quit my job and started growing my own business, making roughly triple what I made at my job. I changed gyms from the cheap one to the over priced one, so I can be around gorgeous gym girls that give me motivation to workout harder (omg he didn’t go with the norm and say he’s doing it for himself). I went on vacation. I take better care of myself. My circle of friends is way stronger.

If you are having a hard time keeping a streak then you don’t want it bad enough, simple.

If you blame other people for you breaking your own streak you don’t won’t it bad enough, simple.

If you fucked the girl of your dreams after 7 days of nofap then you did that on your own with a placebo running through your mind so don’t cry when you break your streak the week after, simple.

Everyone goes through ups and downs. However, it’s up to you to actually make a change in your life and understand this is one part of your evolution.