Age 25 – Far better erections, Greater motivation, energy &confidence, I can look people in the eyes with ease

First off, im really REALLY glad I heard about NoFap. This is truly changing my life for the better so far.

Benefits I have noticed so far

  • Greater motivation to do things
  • More energetic/Less tired
  • Better performance at the gym
  • Better performance in the bed (main reason why I started NoFap was to improve my sex life and fix pied problems)
  • Better confidence, I can look people in the eyes with ease
  • Feeling emotions more easily and natural

Benefits I expected to have but haven’t so far

  • Deeper voice & Beard growth: They are not as important but I heard some people who noticed these changes so I hoped for the best.
  • Better at listening to conversations / focus: Sometimes people are talking and I stop listening because I get distracted too easily.

I guess we all get differents benefits from NoFap but so far I am very happy with what Ive got! I am looking forward to 90 days and so on! I really plan on staying on NoFap forever.

About PIED I am not fully cured yet but the changes are amazing. My erections are way harder than they used to be and I can maintain them during sex. I have morning woods everyday and random erections are starting to appear during the day! Great feeling !

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks for reading guys

LINK – Day 60 report – List of benefits that I have noticed.

by SinatraZ