Age 25 – Female – 91 days hard mode

This isn’t my first rodeo for nofap, but it is the longest time I’ve gone without sex. When I first started nofap for the first time a few summers ago, I relapsed a few times and eventually hit 60ish days.

But I quit sometime after when I started school.

At that point in my life, I was dating multiple people and sexual partners and I think that was major reason why I quit. I was able to have orgasms with other people which I wasn’t able to before. I was fine and “cured” of whatever hold was on me.

I’m 25 and I started watching porn when I was 13.

I was really insecure in general about myself and my body. Quitting made me more confident and comfortable with myself. The main thing was that I was finally able to enjoy sex. I was desensitized so much because of porn.

I really wasn’t and continued on having unfulfilling relationships. I wasn’t thinking if I was compatible with this person, I was thinking if they were good in bed first and then considered all the rest. My brain was still hung up on sex and porn.

This June I realized that my current relationship wasn’t right for me and I ended it. I noticed that I was falling back into my old habits of watching porn. I started up the ol’ nofap counter and began my inner challenge again. But I knew that I had to take the hard mode route or else I’d fall into my old habits.

About a month after, I started seeing someone new and I shared with him my challenge. I thought he wouldn’t have cared and we would have had sex after a few weeks, but he respected my choice. There were times when I was weak and he was strong and vice versa. I’ve learned a lot about him and I seem to be falling for him more each day.

I am proud to say that I’m at 91 days of hard mode. I’m not sure when we’ll actually have sex, but I know I won’t regret it.

All I can say that it’s not easy to overcome this, I’m still being challenged everyday (even by the constant images of sex everywhere), but as long as your mental willpower is strong, you’ll beat this.

LINK – 91 days check in. You can do this!

by wickedcity