Age 25 – Finally got laid, know what I want to achieve in my life


Something that seemed so impossible and unreachable to me finally happened last night (and this morning) – I got laid! 6 months into Nofap and now I can tell you one thing: IT FU*KING WORKS!!! We have known each other for over 3 years and 1 month in on Nofap she started occasionally hitting on me. Took me months to grow balls and approach her… well things happened really fast since then (2 weeks)

I remember myself fapping to porn feeling like shit, not deserving to be intimate. Hell, not even being able to! The idea of intimacy, romance and sex with a woman seemed so distant and even scary. Among other things, Nofap can help you stop being a cynical asshole.

The most significant changes happened in my head – these were caused directly by Nofap as I believe. Outside of Nofap, I rebuilt my appartment, overally changed my looks (got ripped, new clothes and style), started a psychotherapy (and “finished” it 3 weeks ago)… However, I believe Nofap had a tremendous impact on all these things I did. Without Nofap there would be no changes.

I had a wet dream every 2-3 weeks but they stopped shortly after new years eve (3 months earlier). When I crossed 90 day mark I thought “So this is it?” The sensational feeling of doing something good quickly wore out. Being scared shitless of going back to my “old ways” kept me going.

Here I am now, enjoying 2h+ sex with easy 8/10, she came before I did (my dick felt somewhat insensitive. I think this may be caused by all those years of excessive fapping). Guys, I’m telling you, especially the virgins of Nofap, PMO drags you into horrible downwards spiral. The only way out is to STOP RIGHT NOW. Not the next month, not the next week, not tonight, NO LAST FAP! COLD TURKEY, RIGHT NOW!

Throughout all these 6 months I questioned the utility of Nofap, I experienced horrible flatlines, depressions, hell even suicidal thoughts. PMO was the only thing that made me feel less lonely and I cut that out. But remember, first you have to cut into festered wounds and let the pus out. Embrace the pain and it will be healed!

One more advice – be patient! Sometimes (most of the time in my case) you make steps so small you hardly even notice you are moving forward. DON’T STOP! Later, after 1,2,3,… months you look back and see the distance you have walked. Do not focus on your goals, enjoy the journey! The goals will come when the right time comes.

Nofap is the best thing that ever appeared in my life. It took 25 yo extremely shy virgin (previously I got laid to a hooker once, but I barely remember anything except the fact that my dick got limp after like 5-10 minutes so it doesn’t really count) who never had a gf, who lost any ambitions and hopes for the future, and slowly turns him into attractive young man who knows exactly what he wants to achieve in his life, who has the strength and determination needed. Can’t wait to write my 1 year report. This shit really is magical. AMA

LINK – Achievement unlocked: Got laid!

By slavnofap