Age 25 – I can enjoy sex again

It worked for me and at last i can enjoy sex! Here is my story. I had sex at the age of 13 before i start M. At the age of 13,5-14 i ”discovered” M.

Between age 14 and 17 was M with a mix of porn and fantasy,sometimes with porn other fantasizing real girls. At 18-24 yo i dived into the spider of PMO which is a difficult addiction as it have been proven. Frequent and dry PMO at least 8-9 times per week.

At the age of 23 i was beginning to understand my problem after i watched the related video on tedx.I tried to cut PMO but the urges was too strong and my will too weak,so after a some tries with the longest streak of 12 days, i quited the effort to stop my addiction. I wasn’t in any relationship so i hadn’t realised the size of my problem.

At 24 happened something that rattled me , i was seeing a girl i knew from my university which lasted only a couple of months.when we had sex i wasn’t feeling NOTHING during sex…pff imagine the disappointment. I was waiting to feel the glorious sensation of my early teenage years and instead of that i felt nothing. The things with that girl didn’t workout so we stopped seeing each other.

The whole thing with the no-sensation thing rattled for good when i met really hot friend of my sister, where we had sex and still i wasn’t feeling nothing. i didn’t had any particular problem with my erection except that during sex after a while i was starting to get soft which is a little bit awkward and embarrassing.

After that incident it was like something flipped inside my brain. i stopped PMO and M. At the time i stopped i was really tired with the situation of searching porn and consuming so much time searching porn or M without enjoying it.

I don’t know but it was really easy this time to beat my addiction because i didn’t have the slightest desire to watch pron or PMO or M.It was easy for me to delete all my porn staff,something i was unable to do at the first attempt against my addiction.

After 45 days of nofap i regained my sensitivity back!!! You have to try it guys….feel free to ask anything.

Link – Male 25 cured from death grip,after 45 days nofap.

by repti23