Age 25 – I don’t feel numbed anymore, I’m happier & have more energy

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I’m 25 years old and started MO around 14-15 and started to combine it with porn not that much later. I PMOed around 4-7 times a week, which is too often of course. I now know I was addicted. I didn’t have PIED (as far as I know) and started this to see what would happen.

Before I discovered nofap, I sometimes would quit PMO for a short period (about a week) because I would feel better and more confident. Then somehow I found about this subreddit and thought I would give it a shot. I started the NoFapWar which helped me through my first weeks.

The first few weeks were not that hard for me, but it was more like a rollercoaster ride. I had many ups and downs mentally and physically. The first few weeks I had a lot of energy and felt good. Then after 2-3 weeks I met the flatline. No more libido, no energy, depressed feelings. One day I would feel fine and the next day no energy and a reel low mood. The flatline slowly regressed around day 40-50 and started to feel better by the day. Also the urges became stronger and I was very easily aroused sometimes.

The strongest urges I had where around day 80, when I thought urges wouldn’t be a problem anymore. The last 10 days I feel really good and I think now I might have had the hardest part in kicking this addiction. But I won’t let my guard down and don’t feel completely rebooted yet. I’m now trying to make Nofap a new lifestyle.

Some of the benefits I experienced:

  • Number one benefit and what I think is the key to this: I don’t feel numbed anymore. Before, I didn’t even know that the porn numbed me. This also means that negative feelings can get harder to cope with but I prefer feeling these negative feelings as I don’t want to live a numbed, mediocre life anymore. This is how life should be.
  • I feel happier and have more energy in general, not every day of course
  • I have 3 more hairs on my cheek. I think I might finally start to grow a beard.
  • Music can give my goosebumbs all over my body now. Something I never experienced before and for me a proof that PMO numbed my emotions and feelings.
  • NoFap is the key for self-improvement as is said many times here. I have learned a lot about myself these 100 days and will try to improve myself even more. For example, I still have some social anxiety in one on one conversations and find it hard to make/keep eye contact, but I am practicing more in these kind of situations. Nofap is just the kick start some of us need.

I will go on and try to improve my life even more. Can’t see myself return to PMO and don’t see why I should allow myself even one fap to release the tension. This journey was definitely worth it.

And a special thanks to my accountability partner which helped me through the hard parts.

It’s been 101 days since I last PMOed today. And since this lovely community has helped me a lot during these days, I will try to do something back and tell my story. And it is always nice to brag along about yourself of course.

LINK – 101 days, feeling alive

by Brothers-In-Arms