Age 25 – I grew a pair of balls

I changed on so many levels during this NoFap journey! Changes were physical and emotional. To put it simply: I grew a pair of balls. I express my ideas at work, with friends and family.

I play around with kids, kids are awesome! I learn so much from them. I actually gave my crush flowers for her birthday two days ago (I have never given any girl flowers in my entire life). I play all kinds of musical instruments. I requested a raise at work, and I was promoted last month. There’s no more brain “fog”. I joined the gym on my first day of NoFap and work out 3-4 times a week. I got rid of fat and beer belly. I’m more happy and friendly and at the same time I got disciplined. I enjoy socializing with people.

I want to invent something that will change the world we live in. I want to be a teacher.

I can look at anyone in the eye and hold a conversation, especially women. Women around me are such amazing creatures. How did I not notice them before?? It’s very typical for me to stand and have the attention of 5-7 girls, them carefully listening to my stories, thoughts. How did this happen?? How did I become so attractive and charismatic, cracking jokes, not giving a shit if someone hates me. I have to give most of the credit to NoFap. I’m glad I found this place.

If you are reading this and saying “no way” and “that’s impossible”, I challenge you to stop PMO’ing for at least 1 week – you will find that you got so much free time and your energy levels will skyrocket.

Good luck. Thanks everyone.

LINK – I grew some balls!

by AnewAlex


Just wanted to share some benefits/changes I observed with myself. I started nofap journey last Fall.

Since then: – I quit drinking – I’m back into playing guitar, piano, saxophone – I read books – Got promoted at work – Don’t give a shit about anyone – Got a girlfriend last month – where’s all this confidence coming from?!

Today, my cute coworker said “you’re so much funnier now” and I catch her staring at me all the time. Two weeks ago, she mumbled to herself “wow you’re changing right in front of my eyes”.

Guys, no bs – this is for real!!

LINK – Wow