Age 25 – I have gone from the complete worst PIED to 100% cured.

I have fully recovered from PIED. How do I know? EVERYTIME I go to have sex with my girlfriend I get fully hard and it lasts the entire duration of sex. I’m talking about 100% erections. I use NO pills to help either.

No vitamins, no extracts. Nothing. 100% natural.

I used to be at a point where I couldn’t get hard, at all, for another girl.  Even girls I’ve tried 20+ times with. I had so, so, so many failed attempts. I suffered from some of the worst PIED.

So to make a long story short, it started when I was 22. I noticed I couldn’t get hard anymore for multiple different girls I was sexually attracted to. Lasted for 2 years before I found YBOP.

Before my ED I had sexual relationships with 3 girls, from 16-21 years old. Collectively I dated them for roughly 4 years, (obviously not at the same time), with active sex lives. Then PIED began.

I watched porn routinely (maybe twice a day?) from 15 til 23 years old. Never anything super hardcore or weird, but frequently as fuck.

I started by completely removing all MO.

From June 2013 til January 2014 I cut out all MO, then gradually reintroduced it in moderation. Around late May/early June of 2014 I started seeing a girl who would later be my girlfriend.
Things started off slow, which I really needed, but within a month we were on sleeping terms.

There were multiple times that I failed to get hard enough for sex, but with rewiring I started seeing MAJOR improvements. By one month of rather consistent rewiring (kissing, fondling, cuddling, sexual encounters) I was seeing prominent success with my erections being achieved and lasting throughout sex. During that time, my erections would sometimes drop down to 60-70%, or go completely flaccid before coming back, or fail entirely, but improvements were seen. By three months the issue was almost entirely gone.

It’s been about 10 months with this girl now and for 6-7 months my erection problems have been 100% non-existent. Every time we get sexy my dick works perfectly, and I have no ED/DE/PE issues at all. ANY position we try I stay at 100%.

While initially recovering I would go soft during doggie style, especially if we were standing, and this NEVER happens anymore. I am 100% capable of sex in any position, any place, any time. I never flatline anymore, either. I always feel sexually satisfied, not flatlined or empty. We can fuck 4 times in one day, (yes, we have a pretty active sex life), and I never feel drained, or worn out. Obviously at those hardcore moments I need time to recover before I am sexually active again, but it’s like a day at absolute max. I can also masturbate again multiple times in a day (3-4) without consequences. Essentially I can orgasm as much as I want without consequence.

Recovering for me was very non-linear. And honestly the only way I could figure out if I was recovering was when I was with my girl. Towards the beginning, sometimes I would feel 100% flatlined, it felt like no way in hell I could achieve a boner that day, and then suddenly laying next to her it happened. So never judge your progress unless you have a girl (or guy, if that’s your preference) to test it with.

I was very fortunate to have a girl who didn’t freak out when I couldn’t perform, and I attribute most of my success towards her attitude. I also attribute rewiring to be a major part of my success, even more than rebooting. Anxiety was the worst thing for me during my recovery. But with a girl who didn’t get upset, anxiety was non-existent, and recovery became easy.
I never have anxiety or performance anxiety anymore.  I am always just 100% excited and happy before sex. Honestly, more girls are okay with this situation than you’d normally believe.

Discovering I had PIED and my journey to curing it was the most difficult thing I have ever dealt with in my life. I was suicidal, morbidly depressed, extremely anxious and a complete fucking mess. If it seems like it is an impossible task for you, please do not despair. I had 100% flat, non-existent erections for the hottest girls in bed, constantly. Now that never happens.




It is 100% possible. It may not happen immediately, but it WILL happen. I have gone from the complete worst PIED to 100% cured.
The past 6-7 month now, zero erections problems in the last 150+ sexual encounters I’ve had with my girlfriend.
We have sex at least 5 times a week.  Usually around 10, no exaggeration.

This is my journal, starting on the top of page 23 is where my story picks up into success. It is very detailed with how my recovery went, step by step progress for myself, I journalled all of it.
I journalled a fuck ton, and honestly my first 1-22 pages are an emotional rollercoaster of pure bullshit, so I don’t recommend reading it.
It’s a total shit show, lol.

Sorry for the long post, but I feel like all of this was important information.

If any of you have ANY questions, PLEASE feel free to ask me. I want to be able to help if you have any questions.

LINK – I have fully recovered from PIED.

BY – iHaveSeenEvil