Age 25 – I see girls differently now, and found a woman I treasure, academic performance up


Day 1000 – My life now is almost free from Distractions, I maintain an A+ average throughout my Masters degree. This is talking about someone that got into University barely with a D average in Highschool. No I wasnt smart, What is smart and What is dumb my friends than but a perspective at looking at the same thing? We all have the potential in ourselfs to become the greatest there ever is but it is choice whether for us to realize that potential or not.

Sadly the fact is most of us can never see that potential. My URGES ARE GONE I have defeated that voice in my head and I no more run after girls with the biggest BOOBS or the largest ASSES but rather look for the girls with the personality which suits my own. And because of that I have landed in a relationship with a woman which from my perspective is the greatest , most beautiful, nicest person that I have ever met. Someone I would want to Treasure all my Life and wouldn’t hesitate to give my life for.

TRUST ME guys all of you out there that just want the pussy, your doing it wrong your going to get desensitized and not be able to fully experience what it means to love someone truly and that sex is simply a scared activity that you would share with the person that means the most to you in the entire universe. Losing Your Virginity Right I had the same thoughts in my schooling years too but you see its the most precious thing you have and to share it with someone who is the most precious to you is the greatest gift and this applies to both males and females. Friends do not let your lust take over Remember and search for someone that shall let you experience True love and then maybe this world will be worth living in again if your flames have dwindled to just a spark.

Before I begin with my story my friends I would like to tell you all a single truth. We are all born in greatness an existence which is released into this world at the loss of millions of other existences that could have been. Yes as you developed in your mother’s stomach you were already great and had fought the biggest battle of your life to come into this reality. We were all meant to shine in greatness. Becoming the person who we wanted to be, not a copycat of a celebrity or a famous personality. You were meant to become the best version of yourself and live the best life you could be, Now I wont dwell deep into the meaning life as it is different for everyone based on their perception and it is for you to find.

My story begins as a normal child would right curious about the world of adults, Well curiosity without caution often leads down to situations and circumstances some of us never wished to face. Well at 11 years old I started my Fapping journey, Young! right maybe it was triggered by my sexual education class which only showed us cartoon drawings of the female body parts. I still remember that day that I begin typing words on google and was scared to wits that my family would find out. Well the progression from there just got worse to what was fapping to HD porn on Xvideos and Pornhub, even to using my friends premium Brazzers account. I never thought much of Fapping well the internet and doctors said it was good for you right, nurturing your balls and what not. Well no-one ever told this poor boy the devastating psychological effect it has on people.

Well forwarding 4 years to the escalation and I had myself in High school unable to talk to girls face to face, often my face would just turn red and I would be teased by my friends. I thought it was some kind of disorder with me and their was nothing I could do about it. My confidence began shattering until I couldn’t even have conversations in group work at high school or stare them back in the eye, At night back at home I would take out my computer and wank to the virtual girls that would never turn me down because of my face and personality or imagine going hard with the hottest chicks in my school. Man I thought of some fked up stuff. Well 7 years progressed after that and I had deteriorated even more at this time I used to fap almost 7 times a day.

I loathed myself for fapping every single day for the 7 years, I had even contemplated suicide but didn’t have the willpower to go through with it(Thank God I didn’t) , I was living Trash and that was the hardest thing for me to admit. No One wanted me , No one needed me. Not my Family, not my friends, not anyone in this world.

And then that same curiosity that had destroyed my life urged me to search for a way out, I had hit rock bottom and all I had left was to find a Way to climb out reach back to the person who I was meant to be. That is when I started to Not Fap and man it was EXTREMELY DIFFICULT , reading Quotes every single day, Cold showers almost 5 times a day, Locking my computer,phone and even my Router with safety settings.I relapsed but every single time I came out with even more determination even more drive knowing that if I stopped this “I would become the person I wanted to be”

1day – no changes it felt the same, Questioning oneself on whether it would work

7 days – the slight changes had began to happen, new found energy and development

0 days – Grey area, I had gotten used to the slight changes but now the urge had started coming back saying that this would all it could change 40 days – The first big change I could now look at women and do brief conversations with them, Yet my eyes still went towards their private regions. Change was happening but the urge was on the tip of my nose.

70 days – Slight changes now I could hold proper conversations with women but I was still slightly overrun by lust for women in university – Urge had become something that was almost uncontrollable I had come close to edging, turning off all my anti-porn software but the thing that kept me going was remembering where I had been and to never go their back again.

90 days – This is the challenge for most of you, your so called benchmark let me say that this is just merely the beginning. At 90 days I had started forming female friends which I would Often meet on a daily basis. My grades had started to become better I was curbing to C+ average greater than anything that I had ever achieved in my High school years. My confidence but I still waited for the drastic changes to take over.

140 days – This was where the first big change had come, My perspective of Life had completely changed I had managed to ask this beautiful girl out to a date and she had accepted and my confidence rose leaps and bounds. Even if she would have rejected I wouldn’t haven been destroyed maybe a little set back but my energy had began to show to the people around me. I now had more friends, My family loved me, People I cared about and that had my back as I would have theirs.

250 days – My perspective of life and once again began to change, I had began to mediate and started to find peace within my self. Often and This stage I could hear a faint voice barely audible telling me to watch porn but it would be instantly defeated by my determination. My grades were gradually improving, I was offered an internship after taking a interview with managers of the business(a big step for me). My Confidence was only going up from here

400 – I had now began to believe I was at the end of the road at which Not Fapping could give me and somewhere deep down I could feel that small voice in my head become slightly more audible. Something was wrong and I was entering a Grey Area which would prove to determinant for the me which had reached this far. I began researching and managed to survive 40 days on sheer willpower and confidence which I had attained over the time.

440- The Urge had come back everyday had began a struggle, I started to panic, Friends and family had noted that something was wrong with me. It was a dark time, I had started to question my decision but I never wished to go back after coming so far until I found it in an article on the internet linking fapping to something known as Instant Gratification. Now this instant Gratification is something that Society had developed to make people feel emotions more easily without putting the handwork behind it. We humans had become lazy and that is what had brought me to rock bottom back in the Past.

Day 550 – Instant Gratification was the Real Bane and if I wanted to continue growing and becoming more Greater, more Confident I had to stop instance gratification more easily known as the distractions. The things in your life that Waste Time – Facebook , YouTube, Internet surfing, Watching TV these are all useless things and are abstaining your from the greatness. You can all be prodigies and geniuses you just have to work harder than everyone else and invest more time that everyone else. I had began my plan slowly to stop these distractions and use the new abundance of time to flow in the direction of my greatness. At this stage I was 22 and had graduated from uni with B average still not highly likely to get myself a great job, I continued my uni study and pursued a masters degree.

Day 700 – I had now began to grasp the concepts of removing my self from the instant gratification and began working on my greatness on every aspect on my life whether it was my relationships and my academics. Everything!. The key to it was spending Time by myself thinking about my life, Often people say that your crazy if you talk to yourself let me assure you arent because the people who talk to themselves can take a break and realize their life in front of them. The path they are on and which part do they want to take. It is true you do not need to talk to yourself but merely spending a few minutes of the day thinking of your life of where you want to go and what you want to do can certainly put you much further ahead in your path to ENLIGHTMENT!!!


I made this account just to explain my progress to all of you fighting this demon inside whether a brother or a sister, I know you have it in you so BANISH and OBLITERATE PORN!! from your life for ever.

I Have Talked for Long but lastly Fapping is DESTROYING your LIFE as long as you succumb to the desire of LUST you will never be the PERSON YOU WANT TO BE and LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO HAVE infact my friends you are already GREAT but you must began to search and realize that POTENTIAL and GREATNESS which you have DEEP INSIDE OF YOU and use it to CLIMB the MOUNTAIN and SIT on the THRONE where you were MEANT to SIT all your LIFE reigning as a KING of your own WORLD”


LINK – NoFap 1000 days!!!!!

By devildweep