Age 25 – I was a sufferer of severe PIED & Premature Ejaculation


This isn’t a humble brag, just a confirmation that with patience, persistence, and a lot of resolve – you can begin to undo the damage that porn causes to your brain.

Thanks to nearly a decade of porn use, I was a sufferer of severe PIED, and PE. After a long stretch of sobriety, therapy, SAA meetings, and the support of close friends, I’ve been enjoying real sexual encounters with my new partner.

What I’ve really discovered through this trying journey is that while sex was my focus, it’s really intimacy I was craving. That real human connection has absolutely blown me away, and will serve as the strongest motivation not to relapse.

Thanks for reading, and please hang in there everyone. I’ve been in the depths of this powerful addiction, and I’m happily reporting from the other side. You can do it too!!

LINK – Recovered from ED. Had a real encounter with a girl I like. You can recover too!

by silkylongjohns


I’ve actually had a lot of experience with this.

Viagra and similar drugs treat ED with a physical remedy, by relaxing the blood vessels in the penis and allowing more blood into it. Unfortunately PIED is caused by a brain issue. The brain associates pornography as a viable sexual partner, and releases a certain chemical that triggers erections, and fails to release that chemical when in the presence of a real partner.

To make matters worse, due to performance anxiety over whether or not you will achieve an erection, you’re likely (as I was) highly anxious entering new sexual encounters. Stress and depression kill erections. (Pseudo-science explanation, I think when you’re anxious/nervous or stressed, you release cortisone and that suppresses sexual function.)

Where Viagra and other drugs may help you, is by alleviating that stress and anxiety you’re having with the knowledge that you have an “ace in the hole.” It also may help give you a little physical nudge to help you compensate, since you’re going to be highly sensitive while on the drug.

I used both Viagra and Cialis, and they definitely did help a bit. I had some positive sexual encounters while on those drugs. But, ultimately it’s only time and re-association with real sexual stimuli that will help cure your PIED. They also both made my heart feel like it was going to explode, so ya know, that was concerning. Additionally they’re both insanely expensive, and your insurance may not cover them.

So my advice is this – if they help you, you can afford them, and you don’t experience concerning physical side effects from them, I say go for it. BUT understand that they will not cure the underlying cause of your ED, and if they do NOT help you, then you know the answer why. It can be frustrating to hear, but the only cure is time, and a supportive partner who will help you through it.

I know that was long, but I hope it was helpful. I was in your shoes, going through college dealing with PIED, and it caused a lot of psychological damage. I’m sorry you’re suffering from it, but the good news is it can be reversed.