Age 25 – Increased focus and drive for life, More energy & confidence, Sleep better

I’m currently 95 days no PMO and 25 days hardmode! These 25 days have been hard but at the same time refreshing…Don’t get me wrong I have missed sex like crazy but it’s led me to focus differently on other things.

I will say also that I have been working like crazy on my mindset, thinking positively, being massively optimistic, practicing daily gratitude and visualisations and working out like 6 days a week (Used to be like 4 days a week)

My main goal everyday now is to feel good and to give love!

Benefits I’ve noticed

increased focus and drive for life – I am literally focused on what i want to do in life now with vengeance! I have started to write a book or two, i have two websites (One’s my passion and one will be a money maker site) I’m getting into selling on Amazon

More energy and muscle gain – I have loads more energy at the gym when working out and have started to get leaner and stronger because of it!

Increased confidence – I will actually stare at girls longer, not afraid to keep eye contact with other men and they usually look away first, I also feel women are noticing me more. I am more out of my head and in the present!

I sleep better – Literally fall asleep within 5-10 minutes and wake up usually feeling refreshed after 6 hours sleep!

No interest what-so-ever to masturbate – So me and my GF have sexted a couple of times…Mainly for her benefit, yeah i’ve got turned on massively but after thats it, i don’t feel like edging or masturbating or watching porn, there’s literally no interest there at all!

Ok so i can’t write on improvement with my PIED yet as it won’t be until another 1-2 months until i see her again, but the way I’m feeling i’m sure there will be a definite improvement…Oh and I’ve also been practicing kegels almost every day.

Recommendations for working out:

Ok so Madbarz and freeletics are two great phone apps, Freeletics is a monthly subscription though and I prefer madbarz

I also do sprints…Basically get on the treadmill, warm-up then jump on the sides, set the incline to 12% and the speed to 8.5 then jump back on and sprint for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds rinse and repeat for 10 sets. Then each time you do this on a another day try to increase the speed or incline or even how long you run for…It’s the best for getting you lean and ripped!

Hope you enjoyed and found this thread useful!

90+ days success 25 days hardmode!

by Fappernator