Age 25 – Lost my virginity


I have a new girlfriend. I didn’t have a gf for about 10 years since I was around 15-16 years old. After that a couple of dates here and there, but never more. Never something with intensity. Lots of PMO, lots of Gaming. Let’s just fast forward and say my teenage years haven’t been all that successful, especially with girls.

For about 3-4 months now I got back into the “clubbing scene” with a good friend of mine. And I really started to get back into dating. Got some mild success in & out of the clubs and got motivated to go further. About 4 weeks ago I decided to change things up and be more active with more mature and “equal” partners.

Since I’m vegan that was the first thing I started to look for to weed out potential partners. So I went on instagram and started chatting to girls in my local area. I received good feedback all around and started to feel like that this was the right move. I finally found my way of approaching this dating thing, I thought!

So I talked to like 3-4 girls and there were very interesting conversations. I liked it. Then this one girl liked a post of mine and I look at her profile and remember thinking – oh I gotta text this girl later!

I remember texting her the next day when I had some spare time and she was super engaging and fun to talk to.

She asked me for a date on the same day we started texting and met up the week later. A live one, I thought. And she seemed very interested. And she was!

We met up at her place and got to know each other. We had a great connection and right then and on that day she asked me to be her boyfriend. I was a little puzzled but I agreed.

Anyway, on that first night I couldn’t get hard enough for Sex. I had told her earlier that I was still a virgin. I wasn’t too worried about it, because she was not and she said not getting hard happens regularly. And we even had a laugh about it. I had blue balls the whole night and the next morning we tried one more time. More blue balls and sexual frustration. 😀 But It was okay. I didn’t feel the need to rush this.

We parted ways that morning and I went back to my regular schedule. I had some worries about erectile dysfunction and started questioning myself. But I believed in the NoFap process. I figured it was because of the way I used to treat my body during masturbation. Strong grip, lotion… And I couldn’t get hard to simple human touch.

A week later. Last Friday. We met again. I was a bit worried. We had texted earlier in the week to maybe hold out a little more. Couple more weeks til we try again to have Sex. But she initiated foreplay that night and there we were trying again. I was more relaxed, while still a bit nervous.

At first It didn’t work out all that great, just like the week before. But then it happened. I got hard enough for penetration. And it felt very good. It was my first time. I came quickly. But I had done it.

I remember thinking, well this was great but why had I been beating myself up over “being a virgin” all those years. It was an interesting conversation in my head.

I guess where I wanna lead this post towards is this:

There’s more to life, than Sex. Sex is great. But it is not happening on our screens. It is happening with soft skin and human touch. Out there in the world. With a partner. And with real human sympathy. Between two beings.

So there I lost it. My virginity.

Love you guys. Fight the strong fight.

Stay strong brothers and sisters.


EDIT: Thanks a ton for all your responses. Makes me happy that I was able to give some of you guys some insight and maybe inspiration. Love you guys!

LINK – I lost my virginity

By aexylol