Age 25 – More confidence, self-esteem, strength, manliness, focus and energy

I am not a porn addict..but I used to peek sometimes and that’s not an issue, I was isolated and disturb during childhood after loosing three loving person grandfather, father and aunt… I was a lonely guy…no guidance for whts good for me..cartoons,old hollywood badass, video games and I was living in a dreams of inception

Because job issue of my mother we shifted in new places where I fail to sync with others in beginning

At some points I started smoking drinking and even chew tobacco, when I got exposed ppls got shocked because I was very good looking smart cute and sincere boy In short I ve spent my life living in dark hours

But now I’m aware of me myself and what I’m capable of….

I was following nofap thing when I don’t even know what is nofap and what is that nofap community I was just hoping that someone around the globe is doing the thing that I was doing…. Thx to all bruh bruhs for your support ☺

[Changes?] All good, confidance, self esteem, communication skills, strength, manliness, energy level, focus…all upgraded.

No retreat No surrender

I’m 25

LINK – 90 days complete…

By Rohit_Lokhil3