Age 25 – More social, eye contact easier, posture improving, more respect from people, less paranoid, no more fits of rage


I am proud to declare that I have reached 90 days! I started NoFap back in July and in these last few months I’ve really been able to fight the urges like never before. So how has my life improved? I’m 30 lbs lighter than I was a year ago and I am making progress in my weight lifting and pushups. Exercising has been a huge help in fighting off urges.

I’m more social than before. I go out on the weekends and sometimes I have some good conversations with new people. Eye contact is easier. My posture is improving.

I have more respect from people I already know. I am less paranoid and I have no more fits of rage like I used to. I know how to take a joke now. My videogame time has severely decreased. I now avoid toxic “friends” that I used to desperately cling to.

No luck with dating, but I’m in a bad area for that anyway and I’m just worrying about self-improvement right now.

What I really want to say is that all this is possible not because I simply stopped masturbating to porn, but because I used the newfound time and energy to analyze and improve my life, and I’m not stopping now! Now I can be a normal man like I was born to be. Best of luck to all of you in this fight!

i’m 25 years old. Started using porn regularly at age 18. My only regret in life is wasting some of my youth. But I’m not old yet.

Edit: Thanks everybody!

LINK – Finally reached 90 days!

by ThePerfectBuzz