Age 25 – My sexual preferences are more grounded than ever as a straight male


I no longer feel the need to come to community to vent or seek inspiration. The positive benefits of NoFap have become so apparent to me that I could never go back to the man I was before. Here is what I have experienced:

-Strangely, somewhat thicker hair

-No more stuttering/stumbling -Less anxiety in social situations

-Increased relationship health with family, friends, coworkers

-Things “slowed down” and I can take time to “smell the roses” now.

-Increased motivation to go to the gym (never much of a problem in the past either)

-Increased motivation to read self-help books, investing books, etc.

-Better performance at work

-A more wholesome feeling

-No more trying to chase uggos just to get off

-Respect women (and men) more

It got much easier for me after week 2 or 3, I think. There’s the occasional huge craving that I’d get every few weeks or so, but you just have to power through. At some point the positive benefits you receive will be all the convincing you need to get through the withdrawals. It’s worth it, IMO.

When I see a scantily clad hot chick on a billboard or on TV or something – I don’t freak out or get immediately horny. I feel like my sexual preferences are more grounded than ever as a straight male. The only CON so far is that I don’t feel like I have crazy libido except for when I’m having cravings. I haven’t felt a huge need to meet women, kind of just waiting for the perfect girl to come by. [But] Everything down there is working just fine.

I do indeed feel much happier! I think one of the biggest benefits is that I feel much more “wholesome”. I feel like I’m not trying to hide anything, not trying to put up a front when I interact with people. That takes a lot of stress off of a person. Hiding a propensity for strange and shameful activities is quite exhausting.

I’m 25. Discovered porn when I was maybe 13. Eventually got into daily PMO and weirder and weirder fantasies.

Looking forward to the next 30 days and more. Good luck fapstronauts.

LINK – 60 day report

by calibrochill