Age 25 – No more headaches, Senses are keen, I rarely stress, Any anger dissloves quickly

The feeling of self control I get out of this experience is like nothing else, my keen senses and clear conscious help me apply myself to almost any situation I am facing.

I barely ever stress out or even if I am angry or get frustrated, the speed at which I get to solving the problem is at mach 1.

Hard mode complete: Spent my time wisely deciding how to occupy myself and have learned a ton about life that I never thought I’d know, there is still so much to learn ofc but just imagining what could have been possible having started this sooner is mindblowing.

I wake up easily in the morning (like all previous reports have claimed, well this is true.) I fall asleep faster than ever before (It used to take me hours sometimes if I got anxious for whatever reason) I used to get blaring headaches on an almost constant basis, now i’ll be surprised if i got 1 headache in the span of 4 months. This is no placebo, your life energy building within you rewards you for not wasting it away.

Moving forward I know what needs to be done and will continue living my life at it’s fullest like this. I feel STRONG, HAPPY, and LOVING towards every living creature on this earth. My good moods and eating habits have drastically improved and I feel like more happiness is always around the next corner no matter what. Everybody has to try this.. Drop the pron, it ain’t of worth. c: Peace and harmony to all. Keep it simple.. Stay hard as a motherfucka. It gets easier! <3

LINK – 90 day report.

by SoliTiAN