Age 25 – Nofap makes picking up women easier, but I do it for the increased self-worth and other benefits


Stumbled across Nofap a few years ago after watching a Ted Talk on how unhealthy pornography is on the mind. Looked through the posts and ended up being enticed by the so called “superpowers”as I really wasn’t getting laid back then. I tried for a few days, relapsed, tried for a week or so relapsed but then I managed to hold a 30+ day streak, during this time weird shit started happening!

I was working as a waiter in a lively city centre, I was an average looking, skinny early 20’s guy. I am blessed with blue eyes and have a few cool tattoos though (chicks dig ink.., least where I’m from) I would get these stares, like the occasional woman eye fucking me, dropping blatant innuendos, blushing when talking to me, and… cliche as it may be, leaving phone numbers on napkins haha.

I would walk down the street and the looks I would get (mainly from the older 30+ women but we all love a Milf eh?) would either be the same eye fucking or coy smiles. Girls coming on to me and making the first move in nightclubs just because I was talking to them like a human being… not asskissing though I hate that shit. To top it off, around day 40 I slept with three different women in one week, and they were pretty fit. But sadly to see what would happen, I fapped and all the attention disappeared pretty much instantly. Surreal. I think it genuinely is something that science can not explain, at least not at our current level of advancement.

Bottom line is because i’m kinda rambling here… .Increased confidence .Increased (powerful,deep) eye contact .Waking up earlier .Increased motivation .Surreal attention from women .Self reflection .Better conversational skills .Sense of Self Worth .Music sounds better .More emotional

It truly is unexplainable but I know this was definately not placebo. I’m older now, I don’t do Nofap now to pick up women. Even though it definatley makes it easier! I do it for the self worth I get, the increased motivation, the ability to take a step back and see how the over sexualization of society is fucked up, how much of a woman hater porn made me, how id just see them as objects. To be able to have something different about me and show that I can commit. But most of all, I find that it gives me the ability to love and trust someone again.

Thanks for the posts over the years Fapstronaughts, truly inspiring and good work!

[I’m] Almost 26 now 🙂

LINK – Long time NoFap lurker. Reflecting on past Nofap experiences. Some were pretty Surreal!

By Loxxley