Age 25 – PIED cured after a year, more energy, better workouts

7 years of daily masturbation using porn. I had ED so i was forced into nofap. It went away within a year. I’ve been trying to do nofap since June 2013, that’s 3.5 years now. I’m currently on my longest streak of all time, 185 days.

To all the people who are still struggling/trying, all I can say is this. I wish I knew what secret allowed me to finally break out into a long streak. I had a 90 day streak once in 2013, and then a couple 30-50 day streaks, TONS of relapses/binges, but finally after trying for 3.5 years, for no apparent reason, I finally made it to a huge (IMO) streak.

You just have to keep trying. Even after starting NoFap, I had bingey months where I would fap 20 times in that month. I was worried I would never escape that pit. Somehow, after just keeping trying, I made it here to 185 (not on hard mode, but I don’t have a girlfriend either).

It’s MUCH easier to keep going when I already have a big streak (because I don’t want to end the streak. I DEFINITELY count the days. I realize everyone doesn’t count, but I count). That’s not to say I’m in the clear, always be vigilant. I may have relapses ahead of me for all I know, but I’m in a good place right now.

The thought of fapping utterly disgusts me, and my brain is well-programmed to remember the horrible empty and regretful feeling that comes after PMO. I’ll never forget how awful that feels, even though it has been so long since i’ve done it.

I’m 25 years old. Good luck, stay strong fapstronauts. Don’t give up no matter how long it takes. We all have our longest streak ahead of us.

More energy is the biggest benefit. When i go days or weeks without ejaculation i only need 5 hours of sleep and my workouts are better. If i ejaculate (sex) i need 8-9 hours. Historically, for me, pmo is the worst, i need 10-12 hours to sleep off PMO and still feel awful next day of course. With sex i feel meh but not awful.

For me this journey is mostly about just abstaining from PMO because i think it is mental poison. I dont have ED, PE, or DE (although i used to get ED but i cured that within a year of nofap attempting and it never came back)

Energy is the biggest one for me that i consistently notice like night and day. Also “presence” as they call it. I’m much more aware of my surroundings and details when i am semen retained. After ejaculation i am numb to most stimulus.

Basically happier with nofap. In my experience, the first 7 days after sex or ejaculation i am horny as hell and would fuck anything, but if you manage to hold the line past day 7 it subsides and you feel normal and happy, not overly horny.

LINK – After 3.5 years of trying NoFap i finally built a streak!

By yichiro12