Age 25 – PIED cured: Morning wood is back, Anal fetish gone, More confident & social anxiety almost gone
  • Started Porn at age 12. I developed an anal fetish very quickly. –> This lead to anal stimulation with dildos. (Although I’ve never been attracted to men)
  • I used PORN to hide the bullying I suffered during School and the fact I had a dysfunctional family that never gave me love.
  • Lost virginity at age 22 with a limp dick ( I didn’t enjoy one bit having sex)
  • Only one girlfriend at age 24 (lasted only 4 months)
  • I lost 4 amazing women due to my PIED
  • Severely depressed & suicidal between my last failed attempt of having sex & starting NO PMO (6 months)
  • Socially anxious, Depressed, Shy, Insecure.
  • Afraid of having Sex or any kind of intimacy.
  • I had performance anxiety & premature ejaculation with limp dick
  • A few months before NO PMO I started watching sissification videos (while using dildos) for hours to escape from the horror of my life. This is where I hit ROCK BOTTOM. Luckily that’s when I found about NO PMO thanks to Gabe Deem YouTube videos.

During No PMO (Started March 10th 2017)

  • Heavy flatline during at least a month. No libido. No motivation. Suicidal Thoughts.
  • Read and practiced: Mantak Chia – Multiorgasmic man (to learn to be relax during sex and been able to last longer than 1 min)
  • Social Anxiety Almost non existing
  • Mediation almost every day
  • Exercise almost every day
  • I’m very sociable and confident
  • Morning woods
  • Very horny around girls
  • Anal fetish Gone —> Now vaginas drive me crazy

How I overcame PIED:

Aldo I was not watching porn, I was confusing NO PMO with abstinence. I realized that I would never truly reboot if I didn’t Rewire my brain to a real partner. I could only accomplish this by trying to have sex with a girl.

So after about 4 months or so of total abstinence, I met a girl. We liked each other immediately. I could feel very aroused just by been next to her. I had spontaneous boners just by being next to her. I felt my libido through the roof. But I was still very scared of not been able to perform again.

Long story short, I invited her over to my place to watch a movie. After a while we forgot about the movie and started making out. I was kind of hard, but was still insecure about myself (I had only had sex twice: limp dick at age 22 and a hooker (taking Viagra) at age 24). So I decided to take control and take my time. The key was to relax and let go of control. We kissed and touched for about 2 hours. We were very horny but I was still insecure of going limp. So I decided to give her a back massage with oil. That way I would control when to go in, at what speed to penetrate, etc… (I was also afraid of premature ejaculation).

While i was giving her this very sexy massage, I forgot all about my penis…. and BOOM!! I realized I was super hard. So I decided it was time to penetrate her. I did this… and MAN IT WAS AWESOME!!! We made love all night long.

I was able to feel everything, I was able to relax and just enjoy the ride. I never lost the erection. It lasted all night long. So now we are dating and are going camping together.

I feel like a man now. I’ve gained my life and sexuality back. Now I’m Hard almost immediately just by been next to a girl. Now I’m able to relax and ENJOY SEX!!!! (I was afraid of it before). I feel no pressure at all to perform, because all I care about is enjoying, I focus on the feeling, not on my mind.

I wanna thank you all. Had I not discovered this community, I would probably killed myself. I’m not kidding. No PMO saved my life.

Thank you Gary Wilson.
Thank you Noah Church.
Thank You Gabe Deem.

To all of you who are struggling with Porn addiction: You will overcome it!! Porn is the worst drug in the world. Leave it immediately and never look back. The short pleasure it provides is nothing compared to real life sex. To LOVE MAKING. You can do it GUYS!!! Just keep fighting, exercising, meditating, eating healthy. The flatline won’t last forever.

You will overcome Porn addiction!!! I’m 25.


BY – StefanMicus