Age 25 – PIED cured, the less internet the more productive I am

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I don’t have more attention from women. I’m not orgasming when some look at me. But I have more confidence to smile at them and it’s good feeling when they smile back. And it’s not only on women, but on men too, little kids. The world is like a mirror so smile at it. I can start random conversation with people now when I go swimming, working out and so on. People are not bad and everybody loves attention. So I’m receptive to world around me.

  • Urges won’t stop after 90 days. I have strong urges sometimes but I learned how to manage them. Boredom is the cause often.More self-confidence? Definitely I have. I know that I can do steps to live the life what I want. Time is only what I need.
  • NoFap productivity? No. I’m not productive only from not fapping. That’s not working on me. I must have daily plan. Without it I spend small amounts of time a lot of time through the day on useless activities.
  • Less sleep? Definitely not. I sleep like a baby now and I like it.
  • Meditation is very good. Life goes very fast so only what I need is stop sometimes. And it helped me with blushing.
  • I have more energy when I work out. Not that day but next ones.
  • No depressions? They are sometimes. If it’s no ups and downs in life that means you are dead.
  • Books are fantastic. I only read about personal growth but it gives me dose of motivation and other people’s perspective. I recommend for all “No more Mr. Nice Guy!”
  • I can’t do all by myself. So I want other people to help me so I’m not shy to ask for help and offer help too. And i get rid of people I don’t like for some reasons.
  • I take care of myself. Outer and inner side. Calocagathy. And what I can’t take care of I must leave.
  • I do switched hot and cold showers every morning and evening. Boost for imune system.
  • The less internet I have the more productive I am.
  • The PIED cured. But it’s problematic to last longer. I must figure it out.
  • When the urges come this subreddit always help. So I would like to thank all of you who post here. Your posts save me from doing something what I will regret. We are on the same road so let’s meet in the end of our trip. And if you have some question feel free to ask. 🙂

I didn´t have weird fetishes. I always looked on vanilla porn. I have urges every day. 😀 The trick is to do something and they will leave.

[In response to question about ED] I’m 100% sure it will fix, but don’t look on porn and don’t masturbate. I would choose sexual abstinence for one month or so due to bad memories of loosing erection during sex. I had similar issues. It will be better next time. 🙂 I had similar issue, I can’t get hard at all before penentration. I lost erection right after putting condom and she was hot af so I understand that shame. I think the problem is in porn, masturbation and some fear of performance. Do other things for your improvent and it will get better.

If you look on my 60 days post, I was in flatline. I was lazy, slept a lot or was depressed. It’s natural, I had dopamine deficit. Just don’t masturbate and you slowly start doing things you like and gives you dopamine. Your sexuality will improve after that. Keep going. 🙂

I changed my lifestyle. Cold showers, meditation, daily plans … I have seen what are my problems, starting some solutions and continue in these which worked or I feel improvemet in some aspects of my life. 🙂

I’m 25 yo.


By AllDayActive