Age 25 – PIED cured!!!

I never thought I’d live to see the day to write this post, but I’m safe to say I’m pretty much cured!!! Trust the process it works! I’m 25 about to turn 26 and have been watching porn since I was 11. Didn’t have my first ejaculation to porn until I was 19 tho. I just never really beat it, just watched porn since 11 and got hard. Once I realized I could beat to porn I went to town.

For 5 years I watched porn almost every day, sometimes MOing 2-3 x’s a day. I lost my virginity when I was 19 to a one night stand, and had PIED in every sexual encounter since then (pretty much after I started MOing to porn).

I didn’t realize I had PIED until I was 24. I just thought that I wasn’t attracted to some of the women I was seeing.

I met this girl when I was 24, and I couldn’t get hard on our first encounter. I really liked this girl and so I went to google, and realized I had PIED. So I told her about it, and she was very understanding. I cut out porn immediately for two months and tried rewiring. It helped. I was able to get erections just being around her, but whenever we were about to start penetration I would lose it. I then started taking ED meds (Viagra) about 4 months into seeing this girl and was finally able to have good sex, but only when I was on the meds. Relationship ended a few months later due to other issues.

I then got back into PMOing (like once every 2 weeks), and lost most of the progress I had made. Every girl I’d been with since this I had to take ED meds to hide my problem.

It got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore, and decided I need to cut porn out for good. So about two months ago I gave up porn for good.

Started seeing this girl a few weeks ago, and my dick works like a charm. Had sex 3 times the other night with her, and had pretty much no problems getting rock hard. Saw her a few weeks earlier, and we didn’t have sex, but I got rock hard just being around her.

I don’t wake up with a hard on, and I’m not horny or anything. My dick just works. Trust the process it works.

Life is so good now, and I will never be looking at porn again. I thought I was hopeless about 1.5 years ago thinking that I’d never get better, but here I am writing this post. This just goes to show that for those of you that are suffering from this that there is hope! You just have to trust the process it works!

I still have some issues that I think time will help with. I leak a lot of precum if I don’t have sex pretty much soon after I’m hard. I think continued time away from porn will help this. I do finish early, but I also think time is gonna help with that too.

My tips:

(1) Cut out all porn: You need time away from orgasming. I say 90 days should be good. I really cut down on my porn use over the past 1.5 years. I’d say I probably only MO’d to porn maybe 30-40 times in the past 1.5 years, with lots of streaks of no PMO or MO. My longest streak was about 60 days, with my current one being like 45 before I finally was able to have good sex. Before my current streak of 45 days, I had another streak going and had a wet dream and relapsed. I was getting consistent morning wood before that wet dream. Since my current streak, my morning wood is on and off.

(2) Start rewiring after you’ve had a little time away. I got more worried when I started nofap and rewire at the same time. It works, but it totally was a lot to put on my plate at the time.

(3) Find someone you are comfortable being around with no pressure to perform. PIED is all mental, and anxiety is a huge boner kill.

(4) Don’t lose hope! If I could get better, then so can you!!

Any questions feel free to reach out! I’d be happy to answer questions!

LINK – PIED cured!!!

 By liklyme