Age 25 – PIED gone, Confidence boost that the ladies pick up on


Wow what a journey! Have to say I was very sceptical about #NoFap initially but thought I’d try my hand (urm…) at it and it’s been fantastic, I feel so invigorated and full of energy. I feel like I’m 17 again it’s mental! The benefits are unreal I have to say, I feel completely rebooted!

Big shout-out to all the active posters on here you’ve kept me from lapsing on many occasions, so hats off there chaps GG!

Get this, on day 100 I have a girl coming over to my place to stay for a few days leading up to the New Year and she is absolutely gorgeous! Seriously, absolutely fine AF. We’ve been friends for a long time but only recently got back in touch. We’re sharing the same bed and my brain is going into meltdown about it lol.


I felt nothing until day 30 when I was starting to get jaded and feeling like giving up but then I woke up one morning and felt like an absolute boss! This feeling lasted a solid 3 days before declining steadily then picking up again, it comes in waves.

I’m 25 by the way. The best way I can describe the feeling is, well put in this way it’s a bit like the confidence boost cocaine gives you but less emphatic obviously. You end up feeling like super-you and I think the ladies definitely pick up on it.

History: Pretty much overdosed on porn and fapping during a sexless long-tern relationship, struggled with first sexual encounter post-relationship due to overstimulation, thought “oh shit i’ve broke me knob” then discovered #NoFap. I don’t think my ED was super severe but it was definitely there. Back to normal now, boners for days.

LINK – [Day 97] Almost in the 100 Club Boys!

By Zephiasco