Age 25 – Reduced social anxiety, Improved self-esteem, A lot more honest with everyone

Yep, 325. That’s exactly how many days I haven’t fapped in 2015. One word: Dedication.

If you dedicate yourself to this idea and you stick with it sooner or later you are gonna make a breakthrough. My best days actually came in the past two months and you can be damn sure they were worth it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t reach 90 days. That’s just an arbitrary number. What matters is you keep going. Keep on going.

I haven’t reached 90 days. But I reached 21. I reached 30. Mutliple times. 40, 45, 66, 78. I just keep on going.

The truth is NoFap won’t do anything on its own. You have to make a decision for yourself to face your fears/problems and actively work on change. Everyday. Eliminate old habits. Form new ones.

I made a thread the other day but no one saw it. It’s about what kept me on track – a NoFap calendar.

Things I achieved/changed/improved:

  • Severely reduced PMO
  • Severely reduced fantasizing
  • Improved my diet. Eating way healthier, a lot less junkfood.
  • Reduced alcohol consumption. No beer and I don’t drink when I go out.
  • No soda drinks.
  • Sleep without underwear.
  • Actively exercise. Pushups, squats, stretches, cycling, weight lifting.
  • Reduced social anxiety.
  • Improved self-esteem and self-worth.
  • Stand up for myself more and speak my mind freely.
  • A lot more honest with everyone and mainly – myself.
  • Started reading again. Psychology and Self-improvement books are currently my interest.
  • Started a journal.
  • Cold showers.
  • Picked up new activities (tennis, yoga).
  • Being more social. Talking to girls. Feeling at ease in social situations.
  • Managed to meet with a girl, cum with her and make her orgasm multiple times. No sex just yet.

It’s been a tough year for me in all honesty. I found out I’m neurotic and have been battling with panic attacks and sleep issues for the past six months. It’s not that severe but it’s not easy either. So I’m battling on more fronts than one. But I’m not giving up, I’m too familiar with how that feels like.

I realised I had many issues and that I am one fucked up individual. But who isn’t honestly? At least I’m working on myself and know that I will come out way better than most people in the end. As long as I keep going.

There’s a lot more I could share but I don’t want this to become a long-ass post on New Year’s Eve when everyone will be partying.

Have a great night, a great 2016 and a great fucking life, fellow fapstronauts!

Things that helped me on my journey:

LINK – 325 days of NoFap: It’s all about perspective. My 2015 experience.

by Predator-S



Yesterday I had one of the most enjoyable days in recent times. Went out on my own (something I’d rarely do in the past) with the intention of talking with people and having fun. And it worked!

I was initiating conversations with strangers, some street magician showed me a few neat card tricks and sold me some of them (magic ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ), visited my old workplace to see how everyone is doing, took pics with guys in giant plushy suits, played a few points of table tennis with some guys, talked and met girls without any neediness whatsoever. Everything was so genuine and it felt like a state of flow. The conversations were super real and I didn’t even ask for numbers. Everyone was really receptive and surprised.

I even met some PUA guys (naturally, that was my original goal) and even did an open together. It was surprising how adavanced they were for their age (much younger than me – I’m 25 and they were between 16-18). But even if they knew about meditation, healthy eating, reading, Ekhart Tolle etc. it was obvious how fake they are in their interactions with women.

I’ve developed myself and have this sort of natural game. That’s what it means being yourself.

A few years ago this would have seemed impossible. Once again, thank you NoFap!

LINK – Social anxiety? What social anxiety?