Age 25 – Rock hard, you could cut diamonds

90 days and counting…

Firstly believe it or not I do not think I have fully rebooted, for the following reason. I am on a slow right track to get my life better; I will get there however I am not going to beat myself up about it.

Anyway just 20 minutes to read this on how to reboot and what you gain:

Where I came from:

1) Basically my issue with porn was a psychological escape from the heartbreak(s) of my previous relationships. I was basically thinking in scarcity mode, whereby I did not think I was attractive enough to meet other women. Also I relied on upon their happiness for my happiness. (Let us be honest it is a waste of your time, to be crying over one woman. When you think about when there are literally billions of other people on this planet. That if you were to meet them all, even the 1 % percent who you find attractive and are attractive to you would be too much to handle). The only way I got over them was through NLP changing beliefs and EFT tapping.

2) How come I joined no fap? Simple because I watched the famous Gary Wilson talk, The Demise of guys talk by Philip Zimbardo and Make love not porn by Cindy Gallop. As well as Why I stopped watching porn by Ran Gavrieli. In the end I concluded that it would be better use of my time to quit porn, sort out my life and go and meet people. Therefore the only helpful way was through the help of nofap and other useful websites: brain on porn etc etc.

3) How did I go about? Well the first time, I tried it I did it wrong. I was doing nofap hard mode, however I was not watching porn, rather webcam women. When I read the rules about no fap hardmode and how to reboot on your brain on porn. I had to restart. Therefore I started again. Simply you should not be look at sexual simulation of women that are not 3d you know in real life, either through facebook, twitter etc etc.

4) I got k9 installed and future sent the password to myself. (use my to future email yourself). Therefore I could not change the password settings.

5) I had an accountability partner and still do. I just have a new partner now. Whereby we are trying to help each other with our goals.

6) I found a mentor (even though it was by mistake). The mentor being WilliamOneAndDone, he explained and helped me with a couple of things to start off with. As well as the articles on Reboot Nation ( Rebooting basics: start here (

7) Lastly what things did you do throughout the reboot? I started in the beginning going out and meeting new people. I started look for a job (sadly I still am looking for a new career) and got two interviews and lot more rejections. 2) I began to exercise every day without a rest, which I will not advise to do. My waist began to drop from 34 to 33 inches in 4 weeks. 3) I got back into computer coding; I am half way through my JavaScript course.

8) Hardest no fap moments? Wet dreams, there are annoying. I could not believe I still hard wet dreams at my age (mid 20s). Secondly thinking about whether to have causal sex or not with a woman I am not in love, nor find attractive psychologically or physically but I know is a good person. (I did not have sex with her or anyone for that matter). Lastly waking up rock hard, that you could cut diamonds.

9) Things you would differently? One I wish I discovered nofap when I had my first heartbreak and started watching porn. I would tell my past self, it gets better and this is not a way to spend your free time. Rather work on yourself, do not drink too much because it is a lot hard in mid 20s to lose the beer belly. Also it is a financial waste of money drinking and spending money, get into the habit of saving and get out of debt (student debts). Secondly enjoy being single, take up a skill and master it – do it for fun. Also get some goals and try your best to achieve them. Lastly stop being the victim – shit is hard. Forget about it, the past is the past just live in the present and move on, with negative people. When it comes to nofap: get off the internet for most of the day, use your time productively, limit time on Instagram; basically 2d women. (After a while you realise all attractive are basically the same).

10) Any regrets? A lot when it comes to nofap. I wish I was more disciplined and spend more time off the internet/ limiting my time spent on the internet. I wish we could return to a pre-internet days however I know it is neither possible nor realisable. Now I am cutting down my tv watching and the reasons why (…-you-should-stop-watching-television-now.html). I just wish I was into reading again during my university days.

11) Hardest moments personally? Personal family issues and life just got me down. Also flatling and feeling sorry for myself. Realising that some people you care about does not want to change, even though you try your best to help them. So all you can do is be the change. Also people you care about, as mean too you (family members). However just move on and forget about it, people fall out time to time. Seriously though I wish I had a life mentor, like young bill gates for business, shaun t for fitness, a Buddhist monk for my mind, Warren Buffett for my finances.

12) In conclusion: The truth about reboot is not about the number of days since PMO believe it or not. Rather simply how much your life has improved since you started quitting. So if started 90 days and completed it, however your life has gotten worse, or you replaced one addiction with another. You have not really rebooted because you have replaced one fake simulation for another like computer gaming / internet wasting / drink etc etc. So I do not count days, rather I just count how many days; I am spending on my goals. 1) Finding a new career and the steps taking for it. 2) exercising my body and mind through mediating. 3) Focus on improving your mind to help you reboot, seriously read NLP, eft tapping and how to mediate.

13) Ps. Get a spreadsheet for PMO so you know and just fill it in (It is somewhere in this forum / ask me if you need I’ll send you copy when I have free time). Also start reading again on how to reach your goals and why people do not. 2) Everyone relapses get over. 3) Women notice you a lot and will flirt with you, if you go out and start putting yourself out there. However you have to work on your inner game (inner psychology and change your beliefs).

14) Useful websites:

15) Odd information: to get rid of an erection, firstly understand how erections work. They work by blood flow to the penis. Therefore when cold you do not get an erection. Therefore get a glass of cold water, ice bag, ice cubes and put under your penis shaft and hold of 1 minutes. The erection will go down.

15a) Funny moments: A lot of them. Reading an article about the type of person you are when you masturbate by a woman. She said if you masturbate into a sock or underwear you are a person who lives at home with your parents. If like to cum on a woman face, you have been watching too much porn. Also funny times spent with my friends.

16) Bonus: I wish you all the best of luck on your nofap journeys. Listen people, PM me on here. I read all PM and reply and am willing to help you. Right now I am in monk mode and trying to get better from a cold so replies will take time.

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