Age 25 – Sex feels amazing! Morning wood, Stay hard for much longer, Urges for a real connection

Like most of you I discovered online Porn in my early teens, I’m now 25 and single with 2 previous relationships. After having a realisation that I was litteraly only interested in sex, I decided it’s time to sort it out to get a emotional connection back as well as physical, and during this I discovered nofap.

I’m currently 12 days in with no PMO or M real sexual contact allowed.

HOW IT STARTED I like most people increased my dosage and went through stages of going for more extreme stuff like, bdsm and humiliation, live camgirls, going on cam etc… I won’t get to technical as I know how easy it is to Relapse.

RELAPSE AFTER RELAPSE Through out the last 2 years of going from once a day, to three times a day.. let’s not even get started on Sundays when you can go like the hamster in the “Your Brain On Porn” videos until you litteraly just lay slumped in your own pool of self pity…

Right onwards to the point, I have been lurking on this subreddit using flipboard for some time, I have had various NoFap streaks that last anything from 1 – 65 days but what happened was when I always Continued to MO and tried to leave out PMO I would always Relapse… which at first was to difficult to do because without porn I wouldn’t stay hard etc but sure enough with just 3 days without release I was good without it, so my point here is if your going to go abstinent from PMO I would leave out the M atleast for the period of recovery as it easily leads you down a slippery slope to PMO at least until you get 40 days in then you can try out M just once a week this really depends on your own will power you’ll see why I say 40 days in the new video there’s a link to it at the bottom.

POSITIVE RESULTS You will definitely observe changes after a certain amount of time remaining PMO free I personally noticed…

  • STRONGER morning wood.
  • Urges for a REAL CONNECTION with a real woman.
  • Stay hard for much LONGER.
  • Sex feels AMAZING!!!
  • More FREE time.
  • You won’t have a problem finishing the act.
  • You will feel more awake like you had a really good night’s sleep.
  • Vivid dreams sometimes with woman in.

WITHDRAWEL SYMPTOMS On the flip side to that, you will also most definitely experience some not so pleasant feelings…

  • Anything you’ve used PMO to suppress will get you all at once.
  • Really vivid nightmares.
  • Emotional out bursts… lol seriously I got teary eyed over xmen days of futures past? And before this I was the guy who wouldn’t even shed a tear at a funeral…
  • Mood swings
  • Extreme sexual urges which are hard to ignore
  • I live alone, so even felt lonely
  • mild head aches

RESEARCH IS THE KEY! My advice to all the people I see posting questions is to “do your research” I once heard a saying “If a wood chopper has 2 days to chop a tree down, he will spend 1 whole day sharpening his Axe” now to relate that to NoFap is simple if your going to take such a challenge do your research first that way when you encounter the challenges you will know how best to overcome them!

Knowledge is power!

SUPER POWERS This has always been an interesting point of discussion, the so called super powers I see people write about seem to to stem from having more motivation and confidence, now when I see you guys Quit you start filling up the new available time with gym… News flash if you lift weights you gain muscle, and muclse attracts woman… it’s always been like that so when all these woman want you it’s likely to be from your gains in gym, as well as your new found confidence when us humans reach goals it gives us a sense of purpose which will come across in the way you talk.

Also as you now gave up hunting through the forest of cyber space and now instead you hunt in the real world for real woman you will pursue and pursue find real woman!

CONCLUSION I really enjoyed writing this as I know this is exactly the type of post I would be looking for when starting such a challenge. So to recap..

*Research is a no brainer!!! (I’ll include my sources at the end)

  • Set your self a goal
  • Know WHY you started as this will help you stay on the correct path and not give in to urges.

*Keep track with a journal or on your phone notes.

  • Listen to music
  • Get out of bed to help you cope with urges early on
  • Talk to friends about it.
  • Learn about dopamine, endorphins etc…
  • Join a GYM
  • Fill out your spare time with things that will help you reach your goals.
  • Read, research, work out, speak to friends.


New March 2015 “Your Brain On Porn” Presentation

Thank you for reading I’ll leave you with my own notes feel free to ask any questions.


MY Notes. NoFap Rules

1) No Porn 2) No visual stimulation at all 3) hardly any fantasising focus on sensation do it once a week after 40 days if I have to.

Tips to not Relapse in the beginning. 1) get light into room asap 2) get music on 3) get out of bed and showered 4) channel energy into working on goals 5) sexual release is allowed just stay strong after the chaser effect kicks in!!!

NoFap® abstain from porn and visual stimulation. Seize control of sexuality and turn it into energy to use on achieving goals .

Recover from porn-induced sexual dysfunction. Stop objectifying and establish meaningful connections.Improve your interpersonal relationships.Live a more fulfilling life.

NEW FOUND INFO!!! * 7 days in extra neurons begin sprouting So you’ll crave it harder… * cravings stabilise after 4 weeks / 28 days * if I need to masturbate do so after 38 days of abstinence and not to porn or fantasy Just try to focus on sensation once a week just like the wet dreams.

Activity tracking as of now

STARTED 1ST OF MAY NO PMO OR MO . 5 days in, 0 motivation, not hungry, bed bound, Posibly wet dream last night . 8 days in, slightly more energy . 10 days naughty pics exchanged Rock hard but never touched. . 10 days, awake with more energy in the morning. . 11 Days hard for a long time in the morning Really hard. 12. Share story with no fap

LINK – Knowledge is power!!!

by CampbellWillBeACEO