Age 25 – Some DE & ED: 2 months later, I can say I enjoy much more my sex life


A couple of months ago I discovered all this thing about the NoFap and I decided to join in. I would say I wasn’t a big porn addicted (I used to fap 5 days of a week), but I could see how PMO could affect negatively in my life so I tried to give it a chance. Around that time I was finishing my studies and I could feel a bit of anxiety, plus when I met people I had problems with DE and ED, not a big ones but I was kind of worried.

I would say it wasn’t that difficult to get away from PMO, the first week I had blue balls a couple of days, but around my day 14th I hadn’t any need of M at all. I have to say I edged several times when having conversations with some people and also had sex once or twice a week (I was predisposed to quit PMO but not sex).

Now, 2 months later, I can say I enjoy much more my sex life, plus it’s not the most important thing in my life. I’m not always thinking about sex and I don’t really get hard during my day, actually I was worried about what it looked like low libido.

But when it’s sex time my libido is back, so I could say I get turned on when I have to be on, which I think is good. Also, I’m having a better life habits, like going to the gym 4 days a week and eating healthier, but I think this is not really related with quitting PMO.

I post this to let you know quitting PMO could drastically change your life, even if you are not really a porn addict. If it changed for me I can’t imagine the big change it could suppose for those who really have a big problem.

Thanks for reading.

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by alc3501