Age 25 – Staying off screen is so 100% worth it


im 25 years old as of now. i can tell you the benefits straight away because when you been in the nofap game doing back and forths all the time. At a point you just become tired off all the fake shit you see on the phone or the sites that you go around even if it is not porn sites but just some random ads that trigger you.

Porn actresses are not genuinely attracted to you and they probably never will be because they dont know you no matter how they make you feel in front of the screen.

but the girls im tryna see they express that they like me for all my up and downsides and they open up all their flaws before me, that is real intimate and connecting.

but dont get me wrong i really couldn’t tell the difference for a long time. but going to the real life bullshit and just staying busy off screen is so 100% worth it.

the stuff im using internet now for is trying to expand my social skills and facing the new challenges I must overcome with challenging women. like those who barely speak my language and so and so on

[Last weekend at a party] Suddenly there is an extremely attractive korean girl dancing near the deejay booth looking at me. I couldn’t believe it at first because these type of girls usually don’t hang out at underground parties with their classy cocktail dresses. But then it was like I suddenly forgot everything about how anxious and shy I was and how I was not liking how I look and who I am. How much of a loner I am actually. How often that I feel disconnected and depressed, trying to incorporate that into my art and whatnot.

It was like the opposite of the usual fight or flight response where you choose fight. She looked at me turning around but I automatically reach my hand out. She grabs it. Next thing I know is we’re making out. Dancing. Talking. Due to her friends she had to leave pretty early but she was begging me to come with her which I declined and it broke my heart inside. Then I proposed to write my number on her arm but I couldn’t find a pen. The number that I got from her into my phone then was unusable unfortunately.

That scene is still messing with me because I didn’t expect that to happen in a million years. To say that I was pleasantly surprised is a severe understatement. For two days straight I was in a really fucked up mental state where one half of me wanted to be really dump myself and cry for I couldn’t figure to keep the girl but the second half made me feel that I was the king of the fucking world.

Most importantly I didn’t even think once to drawn my sorrows in porn. I thought about it but it ended like “who are you kidding? That shit is so fake.”

So right now I fucking hate myself but that was also the best thing to happen to me in a long time.

TL;DR: rookie deejay dude gets somewhat lucky with a hot Korean lady at a self-hosted party but then isn’t able to keep in touch. Intense feelings of human contact keep him from watching porn for now.

LINK – Got kissed at a party on the weekend, and a bit more actually.

by holzpuppet