Age 25 – Stopped thinking about sex 24/7

I’m a 25 years old male and like a lot of you I’ve been addicted to porn for quite some time, and even before being all into reddit I have for a very long time been wanting to stop.

To make matters worse I live together with my girlfriend and we have a daughter together. I never told her about my problem and she doesn’t know that I quit jerking it for all this time [169 days].

I used to really 100% think that I would never ever be able to go even 2 days without jerking it. It got pretty bad, like I would stop by my house during lunch hours (my job is less than 8 minutes away with car) because I knew that I would be home alone and be able to rub one out. And the usual sneaking in to the toilet with the computer because everybody was at home for a “longer shit” and all that stuff.

Nevertheless, even though I’m a bit bummed [because I used porn tonight] I’ll try not to make this into such a big thing keep on going like I’ve been doing these past 5 months. Best of luck to everybody struggling.

 I think the benefits are different for everyone, but for me it made me feel good about myself, I didn’t think about sex 24/7 no more. I felt that I could focus more on things that really liked. This shit just took over to much of my daily thought process.

LINK – 169 days and I lost tonight, but fuck it, I’ll do even better next time.

by clonse