Age 25 – This is working! ED improvements

So about a month ago I was in a hotel room with my girlfriend and had absolutely nothing going on downstairs. Not even a hint of an erection. That was about 8/9 days into nofap.

Now I’m about 45 days into it (with a few relapses without porn and a few orgasms with my girlfriend)

and last night I had an erection good enough for sex. The sex didnt last very long due to me being super sensitive now thanks to not wanking, but it was definitely progress over how I felt a month ago.

Basically in about a month I’ve gone from having no erection with my girlfriend who I am incredibly attracted to, to being able to have a consistent 80/90 percent erection (which didnt go away like it has before) to be able to have sex with her.

I’m not fully healed yet and will continue to nofap and no porn. But basically…..

Do it. It works.

I’ve been using porn since I was about 12. I’m 25 now. Thankfully I don’t actually miss it that much and have never felt addicted to it. I really do think my main issue was that I was using porn a lot and masturbating up to 5 times a day while I was single and not having any sex. So my brain got used to that instead of an actual woman.

LINK – This is working! ED improvements

by avtime


Just had my girlfriend stay over all weekend.


I was a little nervous about this weekend as I knew that she would be round for three days and that we would have the place to ourselves.

I’ve had ED issues since Ive known her and sometimes havent been able to have sex.

Well, after about 5/6 weeks of NoFap and a few attempts at sex which ended in dissapointment (PE or no erection whatsoever) I just spent the weekend with a woman who I love having amazing sex.

I had sex three times this weekend with only one instance of my penis going soft which came back around anyway. We also fooled around in other ways a few times. We had sex in a few positions. Im still working on doggy. Love the view but havent quite managed to have enough confidence to trust erection yet for that. Also we had alot of oral sex. I feel like the smell and taste of her vagina turns me on like nothing else.

This is only echoing what many others have said but I FEEL ALIVE again. Never felt addicted to porn but used it alot and masturbated multiple times per day for about fifteen years.

If you have any sort of ED problem I urge you to keep fighting this and believe that it will get better.

I’m not 100 percent, but my erections are definitely alot stronger and bigger and last longer. She was very happy with my performance this weekend. Kegels seem to be helping my PE problem aswell. First time we did it I was very quick but then the other times I did a reverse kegel when I felt like I was going to cum and it helped slow me down a little.

There is light at the end of this dark, awful tunnel. You will get there.

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