Age 25 – What a 100 day NOFAP journey gives to you..?


I am few hours short to complete my 100 day NOFAP journey. And I have few important words to say to my fellow Fapstronauts. Regarding benefits, apart from usual health improvements, what I can say with verified result is that

“You will get immense will power and self-awareness from your NOFAP journey which spreads to your other parts of life thereby enriching your overall well-being. This is fucking worth it. Don’t give up at any cost.”

You should fuck only one thing in your entire NOFAP journey and that is PMO addiction.

My improvements during NOFAP journey:

§ All the NUMBED FEELING + URGE came with multi-fold power. Each and every time I overcome this emotional pain my will power got strengthened, but it was extremely tough to do so. I really thank NOFAP website for having that emergency button. Without that I may have relapsed long time before.

§ I have clearly felt the body, mind and emotional healing during various points of my journey.

§ I have plenty of energy and time to run my entire day.

§ Fat storage have decreased in my body.

§ Seeing non-sexual side of girls too.

§ Getting very strong involuntary erections. I haven’t got a single strong erection like this during my excessive PMO.


§ You need to fix 90 day mark as an ultimate goal but you should fix several short-term deadlines to feel something you have achieved. This strengthens your brain’s reward pathways and pushes you to achieve more.

§ Then you should count your days in written form. You should see it daily. Definitely when you get an urge.

§ Days might come where resisting the PMO will look next to impossible. And this where you need to hold-on to improve your will power and raise your mental breaking point!!

§ The main thing I have learned is frustration/disappointment/stress feeling is the main trigger for my PMO.

§ Regarding mind-set for NOFAP, you need to have a planning mind-set coupled with will power. Lacking anyone of the both make it difficult to run the race. You need to believe (or repeat it in your mind) that whatever the hurdle comes I can able to overcome with my strategy and immense will power. I will never surrender.

§ Doing kegel exercise and taking cold shower before sleep greatly reduces the chance for nightfall.

§ Make a folder in your PC for NOFAP journey and start to document everything and make a master plan file for your NOFAP streak.

§ I found that NOFAP’s emergency button served me very well during peak times. In general, have some channel to improve your morale during tough times.

§ Have a personalised experience regarding your journey, don’t mix your experience with other people’s experience. FEEL YOUR OWN BENEFITS.

§ At the end of day, don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember TIME IS A MEDICINE. You can’t break your yearlong habit in a single day.

“Keep going and at the end you will feel like you have got some special mental training as military’s elite forces.”

(Note: This is entirely based on my own experience. May differ from person to person.)


LINK – What a 100 day NOFAP journey gives to you..?

by victor92