Age 25 – Wrote my first novel


Positive changes are all of the usual stuff; increased confidence and positive attitude. The biggest difference is my ability to stick to things, like a workout plan, book or project. I started attending a salsa class. The other night I was at a nightclub and I plucked about 10 different girls from their respective groups of friends and spun them around and had a dance (3 of them even leaned in to kiss me). I NEVER would have done that before.

I made it. In my first run I made it one whole year, but this time feels sweeter. Let me explain.

90 days ago today, the love of my life ended things with me. This was the same girl that came into my life as a result of my year long run; somwhere along the line in the relationship I lost my way and started fapping again.

For my first run, it was all about making myself more desirable to women and getting girls – I’m sure there will be many of you doing the same thing. However, this time is different.

These past 90 days have all been about building myself up from the pile that my ex-girlfriend left me in. She left at the exact time where university finished and I had to move back with my mum at 25 years old. I know I will look back on these 90 days as the saga of my life called ‘Becoming a Man’, because if I didn’t start becoming a man then, I knew I never would.

I have channeled the sexual energy into being creative, reading, exercise and finding a career. I even wrote a novel; a dream I have had since I was a boy.

I am prepared for the 90 days of hard-mode to stretch on beyond the forseeable. It would have to be a damn good woman to part me from my life juice.

tl;dr – 90 days of hard-mode has helped me put the emphasis back onto my path, rather than basing my happiness on the women in my life.

LINK – 90 days of hard-mode complete

By HeartyBreakfast1