Age 26 – 6 months of amazing sex. I feel way more confident in all areas of life


I went on two 90 day streaks followed by a few relapses and several other long streaks. I feel like this set the foundation for a healthy sex life with my current girlfriend. We’ve been together 6 months I’m happy to say our sex life is amazing. I feel way more confident in all areas of life, have made insane strength gains in the gym and my acting career is taking off as well as I just landed a lead role in a major production.

It’s insane to look back at the pathetic human being with no job, no girlfriend and no hope for the future I use to be approximately 1 year and a half ago and to see how far I’ve come. Today I couldn’t be happier. I earn lots of money doing what I love, am in an amazing relationship and feel on top of the world.

NoFap works !!!

LINK – 6 months of amazing sex

by Bossman