Age 26 – Boners are coming back! Wooohooo

I’ve been doing no fap for almost 3 months now, I’m on my longest streak of 25 days, before that I was doing 7-14 day streaks.

It’s starting to pay off. Morning wood has been a regular thing for almost 2 weeks now, and the little guy is starting to pop his head up randomly throughout the day now. It sounds silly to be happy about it, but due to PMO I haven’t had MW or random erections in over a year, and suffered from PIED with women when I’ve tried. I’ve had to rely on porn and my own hand to get hard for way too long.

If you’re laying in bed wondering if your dick will ever work again, it will, just commit to rebooting.

LINK – Boners are coming back!!!!! Wooohooo

by nofp21