Age 26 – Dating a chick who is really into me

I won’t say my longest, but it’s definitely the one where I don’t even think about fapping or looking at porn…and it gets easier day by day to deflect that FIRST thought that always leads to a downward spiral when you entertain it in your mind.

Things I’ve accomplished: Performed a lead part in a play at community theatre Dating a chick who is really into me Feeling more confident about my abilities Knowing that things take time, but everything is possible given enough effort. A shitload of sexual dreams Waking up to hardons again Oggling women on the stress less (I live in Miami and work in Miami Beach, so Its not exactly easy xD) Ability to workout harder and therefore look better Less worrying what people think about me Less stress because of having to fight urges less and less

Let’s keep at it, moment by moment and one day at a time 🙂 a relapse is the worst feeling, but the journey of a billion miles begins with that first step. Stay strong, ladies and gentlemen!

LINK – Strongest Streak yet

by DarkestChaos