Age 26 – DE better, I don’t oversexualize everything anymore. I’m back, and I’m better than ever.


I started NoFap when I realized something was wrong. Something wasn’t quite right with me but I couldn’t figure it out. Either that, or I was ignoring the hard facts. I began to list my good traits, and my bad traits (bad traits = things I was ashamed of, things that needed much improvement, things I knew I shouldn’t be doing, certain things that I would hide).

I realized that the following were all on my list of bad traits: masturbating too much, watching porn, decreased penis sensitivity, watery semen, lack of energy, thinking about porn during sex, etc. I hadn’t realized until I listed these things that a lot of my issues were sex related. I needed a solution. This is when I stumbled upon NoFap and after doing my research, I immediately began.

 It was Day 1 and I was excited. The first 25 days were the hardest. I had cut off most of the communication with the girls that were just fuck buddies. With some of them, we speak less. With some of them, we don’t speak at all anymore because I couldn’t give them what they wanted from me during this. But these are the types sacrifices you have to make for yourself. Think of it as an investment that will return 1000%. Some days were harder than others, urge-wise. Sometimes willpower was enough to get me through the day.

Other days I would resort to being productive by replacing my bad habits (porn and masturbation) with good habits. This method lead to me ridding myself of several bad habits along the journey, and replacing them with several good habits. Working out more consistently, being better at work, being better with my hobbies, closer with my family, more social (not social Media lol), more positive etc. THE ONE IMPORTANT THING YOU MUST NOT FORGET TO INCLUDE IS GOD. I prayed during the bad days, good days, or ok days. Including God into this journey is what made it successful. Thank him for the good and bad days every day. Ask him for strength to get your through your journey. Trust me, it’s more than worth it.

 Day 25-45. It gets easier here. You get urges; you’re still a man and a human. They key indicator on gauging your improvement is noticing how much less it controls you than before. You can still get horny as hell, but you’re able to operate. It doesn’t make you act irrationally or do things you regret anymore by this point.

If you’re in a relationship or dating, let them know what you’re doing and why. Even if you don’t use the phrase “NoFap” just let them know basically what’s going on. Keep it brief, answer their questions. Don’t get frustrated. I did and it made things so much easier. She understood, she was impressed and proud of me. That being said, she can’t wait until it’s over. 5 more days and I’m breaking her back. On day 45, I semi-ejaculated from kissing her while she grinded on me. Both fully clothed. That has never happened to me in my 26 years of living. More importantly, I only thought about her during it. Not a pornstar, celebrity, or anyone else. Just her in front of me. It was natural.

Before, I had never even ejaculated from sex or oral sex alone. I’d take long to finish. Always had to finish with my hand. So that step was huge for me.

 Day 45: the halfway point. Bittersweet. Come so far, yet so far to go. Fall in love with the process. Think about how proud you will be when you complete this. About how much it sets you apart from the rest just to make it this far. Keep going. It’s more than worth it. It’s life changing.

 Day 45 – 65. I had my first wet dream ever. This tells me My brain is back on track. Another huge step. Everyone’s steps can and will come in different forms. Use your brain and pay attention to your body to noticing the changes, acknowledge these steps. They aren’t to be taken lightly.

 Day 65-85. This is where I currently am. 5 days left. Yes, I still get horny. Yes, I want to have sex. Yes, I still think about sex. No, I don’t really think about porn or porn stars. No, I don’t think about sex all day or even everyday. The key is that It doesn’t control you. Before, when horniness arrived it would run the show. Whatever horny told me to do, I did it.

I’ve got the control back now. I can be horny and still be just as productive if not more productive than any other days. It no longer dominates my brain or thoughts. I don’t oversexualize everything anymore. I’m back, and I’m better than ever. When you get to this point, don’t cheat because you’re close. Finish. FINISH. Don’t let the devil finish you. You finish what you started. Don’t be soft, be a man. The man you were intended to be.

 Tips: drink water. Eat healthier. Stay positive. Tough it out. Workout. Do the things you said you would do. PRAY PRAY PRAY. Take it a week at a time. Keep the main goal in mind. Cut the “hoes” off for now. Stay focused. Get your mind off of it. Get active, you’re young. Get out of the house. Don’t cheat. Thank yourself. Reward yourself with other things. Thank God.

I would like to thank Reddit, the NoFap community, and God for changing my life. I couldn’t ask for more. I hope this helps at least 1 person.

I started this thing on April 19th, 2017. Today is July 12th, 2017. I’m currently on day 85, I have 5 days remaining. Original Plan: No masturbating, No porn,  No ejaculation, No sex, No oral sex (giving or receiving).

LINK – NoFap Day 85 out of 90. Hard Mode. Here’s the truth…

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