Age 26 – Deeper voice, less anxiety, better sleep, life is more vivid


At first I was very skeptical about NoFap, and did not believe the “superpowers,” which I was blaming the Placebo Effect. However, I must admitt, after about a month of Nofap with a only a few relapses (which outlined how disgusting the practice really is) I do notice the following improvements:

-People definetly enjoy being around me more, both men and women

-Deeper voice (was shocked how much of a difference when I heard myself on a video!)

-Less Anxiety; more confident with speaking with difficult coworkers for example

-Deeper, better sleep

-Thicker hair (my bolding/thinning spot on the back of my head is easier to cover up with the growing hair)

-Skin looks better; no dark circles under my eyes (my boss noticed this one)

-All over senses are richer; smells have more meaning, colors seem more vivid, can feel the breeze on my face, music sounds clearer, etc.)

I’m 26…I actually have been using porn for only about three years.

Like I said, I am probably one of the most skeptical thinkers on the planet, and I must say I have noticed the benefits of engaging in this lifestyle. Whether something subconciously or physically (or both) changes, or if it is indeed the Placebo Effect, it works for me and I do not plan on going back to my old ways again; the benfits of this far outway the benefits of the few minutes of pleasure.

Anyone else out there notice these things???

LINK – Amazing Changes

by KarateKidMaster