Age 26 – Deeper voice, outstanding sex


I’ve been a supporter of NoFap since before NoFap. Telling my friends I lose energy after I beat off, one of them looking me in the face and telling me that’s a lie. I should of listened to myself when I made that judgement about my body in highschool. I’m now 26.

I’ve been masturbating since I was 11 to porn with and without porn, but i’ve officially stopped watching porn this year, the only thing I would watch is females solo masturbating and i’ve even stopped that. I don’t like the idea of my brain being wired for moving images on a screen, especially when it’s orchestrated and even homemade videos bore me. I feel most people have gotten their sexual influence from porn and haven’t really given themselves the time to figure out their true sexual nature.

There are some techniques that I have learned to control ejaculation and only experience orgasm. Learning these techniques has enlightned me in such a way to believe that even male sexuality is being repressed or oppressed through porn. This happened due to me last fail, I was edging, but I came back stronger because of the fail.

The most recent benefit that I notice, is that i’m approaching women more than I did before. I’m also spending more time in honing my skills on the things I already love but never gave enough time to. That’s it so far along with the super sensitivity.

Man I wish I started this in highschool, I have no idea who I’de be if I did that back then. It was so terrible, I was a skinny frail boy, jerking off in the morning before I went to school and in the night, not ever doing my homework. Not socializing optimally, I wish I just listened to that voice inside that realized it was draining my energy.

I still live at home with family and [now] people keep on mistaking me for my father when they hear me speak. For example if i’m in another room talking to one family member, the person in the adjacent room thinks my father is speaking and not me. Also when I go out to places where people know my father, they say you and your father sound just alike. This is definitely a testament to the voice becoming deeper because I’ve never heard these statements before, mind you i’m 26 and not in puberty.

I personally believe there are some benefits to edging without porn and learning how to ride that wave, however, when I went into the habit of edging for about a week I eventually fell over that cliff, and after about 3 or 4 weeks of vigorously masturbating I am back on the NoFap. When I started edging I was at 2 months, 2 freaking month’s gone down the drain, but hey I learned from it.

First time I’ve ever had sex on NoFap was amazing. Greatest experience of my life. I never really had a  porn problem [but did use cams –], I did have more of a masturbation issue, either way I’ve stopped masturbating all together now and everything was more sensitive than usual. I even stayed hard after I orgasm-ed and had a very high energy even after the second round. I will say more of my animal was present during sex. If that makes any sense…

LINK – NoFap interesting superpower at 26 years old.

By NoFapMagazine