Age 26 – Deeper voice, peace and serenity, more stamina, less brain fog


I made it guys and gals. Day 90 has arrived! Good things started happening when I stopped fapping. I’ve been on this journey for 2 years and failed many, many times. I knew what was coming and what I needed to do to get over those bumps. I failed too many times to want to feel that way again so it was part experience and Part determination to not return to my ways.

  • Deeper voice
  • Random women actually stopping me to talk (I’m married so I don’t care much)
  • Overall sense of peace and serenity
  • Less brain fog (still early in my /r/Leaves journey however)
  • Better stamina in the gym
  • Easier to perform every day tasks
  • Memory has improved (again, in sure /r/leaves will help alleviate that even more)

I have a theory that most guys who have acne actually have issues with ingrown hairs. I had a major problem with this and couldn’t figure out why. My thought is my beard was always thin because of fapping which causes hairs to be weak and grow back in to the skin. Since NoFap my beard has been much thicker and I’ve significantly reduced the amount of ingeowns hairs I get. My complexion is so much better.

Depression [was the reason I quit], with brain fog, lack of confidence/motivation being the symptoms. I thought to myself – how fucking stupid and embarrassing is this habit? What’s the point? When you’re lying on your death bed are you going to be happy you wasted your life fapping away?

It’s been a hell of a journey.  I think all the experiences of all my failures before allowed me to pull all the tools out of my belt to make it to 90 days. I failed enough times to know how shitty of a feeling it is to relapse and I said I just don’t want to go back there. You have to want it really bad to make it this far. For me, my biggest motivation was being able to truly love my wife and have no distractions. On top of that my job requires me to be at my sharpest at all times. I got a job that I definitely was not qualified for but I told myself that I’m the type of guy who will prove to people I’m worth it.

Yes I flatlined. At around day 35 through day 75). It was really bad. I felt super depressed but I never wanted to feel that way again so I continued to fight through it.

I think I only came out of the flatline when I completely cut looking at porn/NSFW content out of my life. That dopamine spoke is almost as bad as fapping IMO

I try and stay in peak physical shape and that’s probably why I never dealt with ED throughout my years of fapping.

Just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it will get better. Stay away from all porn and facebook browsing that will get you in trouble. That dopamine spike from looking is a real killer and will hold you back.

I’m married, but we travel a lot so I’ll go weeks without getting some. Makes [NoFap] more realistic for me.

[Why NoFap?] I was losing motivation to perform in my high pressure job and my side projects. It became increasingly difficult with all of the brain fog and lethargy to continue to keep up with everyone around me.

I also have a problem with smoking weed that I’ve made huge strides with along side of NoFap. Overall I just want to be a better person and be ready to be a great father and even better husband that my wife deserves. I don’t want to be one of those guys who looks back when they’re 40 and goes “fuck I wasted my life away”.

26 years old.

Next goal is to go all of 2017 without fapping. I know I can do it. There are so many things I want to accomplish now that my head is in the right place (there are so many puns on NoFap lol)

LINK – Day 90 – I did it!

By ixtolo