Age 26 – Earning more, finances much improved, at ease with women

As for the positive changes. overall i have become more productive. i am into agriculture working my own plot on my own timing. so you can say the harder i work the more profit i make

Since doing nofap i have more than doubled the area i grow. i have single handedly maintained my crops due to some new killer focus gained from nofap

My finances went through the roof in a short space of time. i was able to purchase my first car, which further helped things to progress.

i was not dreaming to accomplish these things a few months ago. in addition my ability to multitask and solve problems has improved.

i am at ease when talking women and enjoy speaking to them about their interests and a variety of subjects

I am 26. Had an on and off relationship with internet porn for about 10 yrs

LINK – 120 days and a number 4 star, it feels awesome.

by MrVill