Age 26 – ED and fetish healed, willpower way stronger


I’m doing Nofap because I felt depressed following fap, and [experienced] ED. 100 days today. It can be done! Take it from a guy who had a 15 year, 3 times a day habit. It’s my 2nd longest streak. I had a 150 streak at the beginning of 2016 which reminds me to remember to keep my guard up. I remember when I was on my second week and felt like it was gonna be impossible.

My will power and self control are way stronger, those are my biggest improvements. I can say no to a lot more things than just fapping. I used to be that guy that said yes to everything even if I didn’t wanna do it but now whether it’s an extra bit of work or an extra drink in a bar, if I don’t want it I have the balls to say no.

I started MO at 11, PMO maybe a year later.

I USED to have ED. but I lost that on my first streak at around 120 days. I mean I might of lost it sooner but I didn’t have anyone to practice with until 120 lol. Everything functioned normally the last time I had to use it.

[From Spain]

LINK – 100 days today!

By Csilk1988


UPDATE – Day 180!!!!

Well, here we are. This point has been my goal since I started this journey, and to have finally reached it feels….SPECTACULAR!!! I feel so powerful lately, I’m studying well, working out well, work sucks but meh, I’ve got plans for the future, everything is just slowly but surely falling into place! A post on here also helped me realise the other day that I barely think about my ex-fetish anymore which guys let me tell you is incredible!!! Women wise I’m working on it!!!

Before it’s asked, yes my PIED is cured, yes I get morning wood! PS hard mode all the way bitchesssss!!!

Pre-2018 Reflection

What’s your biggest Nofap achievement this year? Managing to let go of my fetish