Age 26 – ED cured: Sex feels fantastic. My erections are hard and solid.

I am thrilled to share that now, in my third month of no masturbation to internet porn, I feel myself to be rebooted or nearly there.

I want to share a summary of my experience as a way to pay it forward for all the encouragement I found on this forum.

I am 26 with a serious girlfriend. I first noticed issues with my sexual function when sex became less pleasurable and I felt forced to fantasize about porn to get hard, stay hard and finish. After several instances of ED, I began researching why this might be happening and stumbled onto YBOP. I followed the tools and educated myself, educated my girlfriend and committed to rebooting.

The reboot has been a roller coaster ride. I remember having sex once early in my reboot and it felt great. Then I flatlined for a solid month and the anxiety tore at me. However, I stuck with it and began getting erections in my sleep, in the morning and through simple things like kissing my girlfriend. This showed me that re-wiring was indeed taking place.

In this current month, I have been getting aroused with tremendous frequency and ease. Let me tell you – sex feels fantastic and now I have to watch out to not finish too quickly! My erections are hard and solid. Yesterday I even had sex twice in one day, something I once thought was impossible for me.

I did struggle with performance anxiety and am still working to overcome it completely. The mental scars of ED run deep and remain with me even after the plumbing looks good. I did spend $40 on a visualization meditation that has been incredibly helpful in building up my sexual confidence. I am not trying to say it’s necessary but it helped with my anxiety:

Anyway, just believe in the process! Keep rebooting and don’t lose hope. I am truly grateful for all the information I received here and hope my story can encourage you to stay committed to your reboot.

LINK – Grateful because my reboot worked!

BY – Clark Kent