Age 26 – ED & Delayed Ejaculation cured in a relatively short time.

I am only two weeks in, but it seems that if you go FULL ON HARDCORE MODE (no masturbation, making drastic positive lifestyle changes, meditation, and improving your diet etc.) you can start getting amazing results in just two weeks!

That’s right, today, I just came back from an Asian massage SPA with the hugest smile on my face. Not only because I had an orgasm, but mainly because for the first time in years, my penis was proudly erect at the touch/smell of a human female, and ejaculated at the stroke of her very same hands. Erectile Dysfunction and Delayed Ejaculation are problems that I thought would never leave me for the rest of my life.

You see, my story is that of the typical child who has been exposed to pornography at an early age and did not part from the habit of PMO’ing since. All the girlfriends I had have always had to deal with my ED, DE, and other sexual problems. As if it wasn’t enough, I was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder which even added more complications to my relationships.

Now that my sexual problems are slowly getting resolved thanks to NoFap, a glimmer of hope is lit at the end of this journey, which makes it more exciting to carry on.

Factors that I Feel Contributed to Curing ED/DE:

– Less stress during my interaction with the masseuse (due to NoFap increasing confidence)

– More ability to concentrate on the pleasant feelings, subtle touches & smells (this is essential for regaining sensitivity in your penis and being able to reach orgasm)

– An overall better lifestyle in which sexual gratification is not a priority. Duties and productive activities come first, which makes “sexy time” way more appreciated and enjoyable, even if it was not as stimulating as porn.

– A healthier Diet (I went hardcore here as well, and eliminated most “pleasurable” foods such as junk foods, sweets, pastries, and gluten based products, which I feel greatly increased my sensitivity and appreciation for the other subtle pleasures in life)

If two weeks alone can achieve this much, imagine what NoFap can do in 1 month, 3 months, or a year! The key I found is to discipline ourselves and fully commit to this journey. IT WORKS and all the effort you put into this will pay off sooner than you think! The feeling is just amazing and a million times better than the gratification of a million orgasm.

Much love and Good luck to all!

LINK – 15 days in and ED already Cured? :D:D:D

 by Keemo


UPDATE – ED Cured: Revelations of the Journey

I have solved all my sexual problems from ED to the inability to orgasm during sex through this journey.

I am writing my success story not only to confirm that this journey is worth the effort, but also to share with you my concern about what I learned throughout this journey:

– It goes way deeper than a simple addiction to porn:
Anyone who tried to abstain long enough will notice that there are stresses in our daily life that we have long failed to embrace, and by using porn we have delayed our ability to grow strong enough to be able to deal with those stresses. By cutting off the “consolation” of porn, we are forced to grow and mature. I must say, this growth is VERY painful, and is the true cause behind relapses as our mind desperately resists this delayed growth.

– Feel proud and lucky to be on this journey because you are in the top 10%:
What I have noticed through both introspection and exploration of other so-called “normal” people is that anyone who is taking this journey is a champion in disguise. Often we are alone in this journey and from an outside perspective people might not recognize what we are enduring on the inside. Please remember that roughly 90% of people out there succumb to their desires on a daily basis, are ego-driven, and do not recognize that they are not letting themselves grow freely whenever things go wrong. By taking this journey, we are letting go of what is most dear to us, and the impact on our growth is BEYOND this world to the point that you might still be the same person but people will start perceiving you differently and they won’t be able to explain why their perception of you has gone so high.

– Always one more time!:
I cannot recount the number of times I relapsed. The amount of failures in this journey was beyond what I expected but all it took is ONE more try. So if you ever ask the question, how many times should I try until I succeed? The answer is “always ONE more try!” because you never know when your mind is finally set on its goal, and that is what happened to me last time when my sexual dysfunctions were finally cured.