Age 26 – ED & escalation to really nasty stuff: It no longer turns me on.

I’m no longer fixated on anal sex, and the thoughts of having sex with transvestites, young teen girls (13/14), corpses, and other really nasty stuff no longer turns me on. This is probably the biggest thing to change.

My testicles have gotten much larger in size. I’m doing hard mode, maybe that’s the reason? I also have a lot more time to do stuff I like.

I used to also get really turned on at the thought of kidnapping someone and making them my sex slave. No longer the case.

LINK – 100 days have come and gone.

by NoFapMat


Ok guys, so it’s been 115 days, I got laid tonight. Prior to today, I could NEVER even get a strong enough erection to penetrate the girl for more than 1-2 seconds before it went limp. I just felt zero attraction, and I’ve been with a few really hot girls in my time. Always chalked it down to performance anxiety.

Well today had a date, and it lead to a Motel. Lots of foreplay. I was limp and hard in varying states during the foreplay. After a lot of oral sex on her, I decided it was now or never (after I made her cum). Rubbed myself a bit to erection to put on the condom, and while putting it on, it started going limp.

I rolled on the condom, it was semi hard. As I approached her vagina, all of a sudden, INSTANT ROCK HARD.

Not only was I able to fuck a woman for the first time, but I also came during sex (really fast mind you).

So it was a great night. I was up and ready to go again after about 20 minutes of rest and cuddling. Great to know that so far, 100% success rate after a 115 day reboot for PIED!!!!!!! That’s 1 night of sex, 1 night of non failure!

LINK – Sex after 115 days Hard Mode (success story!)


I started this journey for various reasons. I wanted to get rid of very sick fetishes I had that made normal sex extremely boring (so boring in fact, that I could not get an erection hard enough for penetrative sex, because a naked body didn’t turn me on). I didn’t want to have to imagine doing sick shit to the girl in order to get hard during sex.

Other than that, I also started this challenge because I didn’t go out, I had no motivation to approach women, because any time I was horny, I’d jerk off, and all need for a woman would go away temporarily. And I didn’t want to be that guy. Ever since I started, I have had multiple dates, last one ending in sex.

I had PIED my entire life, never once maintained an erection during sex, and I’ve had sex quite a few times. Always ended up with me making an excuse. 5 days ago, I had sex with a girl, hard erection, and cummed PIV. I couldn’t be happier. Not only that, but I started losing the erection as I put the condom on, and as soon as I put it close to her vagina, it got rock HARD! So body seems to have responded well.

Super powers would be that women are noticing me a lot more and find me much more attractive. I feel zero intimidation when talking to women, and even ENJOY the silent moments, because they are the ones who get nervous/anxious and end up saying random stuff to break it. It’s inverted! Breaking the silence is no longer on me, it’s on them! Imagine that, women being nervous to talk to me… what a concept! 4 Months BABY! PIED fixed, life is better!

Lots of benefits. Have had sex 2 times since embarking. Once at day 115, and one more time like a week or two after that. Women see me more attractive. I am MUCH more confident when dealing with people. I do better in sports. No Fap Challenge to self

30 DAY REPORT – 30 days done = Progress ?

The first 3 weeks were pretty difficult with some real bumps although after that it has been pretty smooth sailing. That’s 30 days hardcore, no porn or orgasm. I’m pretty happy about the number since this is my first attempt at nofap.

I used to fap about 3 times a day, to increasingly bad porn. Lets just say that I had some pretty illegal stuff in my collection that would get me in a lot of trouble if discovered. It just took more and more hardcore things to get me excited. Sex with girls was impossible. On a few ocassions where I met up with girls for one night stands, I wouldn’t get it up simply because looking at a normal vagina did nothing for me. It wasn’t sexy at all.

Here’s hoping that I get a reboot. I am in this for the LOOOONG haul (I’ve been masterbating ever since I was 8 years old). I’m 26 years old, that’s 17 years (well, I forgot about masterbation from 9-11, so 15 years actually).

Now that I’ve done 30 days hardcore I’ve made an OKCupid profile and gotten in touch with a couple of different women and have a few dates lined up next week. I hope my PIED is improved and that I’ll be able to cum and keep a good erection with the women.

Regardless though I don’t plan on going back to masterbation. Sex isn’t really that hard for me to find, I just always avoided it due to erection problems (to very intense porn, or just imagining really freaky stuff while masterbating, I can stay hard for 2 hours easily). So here’s hoping I can get back a healthy sexual lifestyle for a guy my age.

As to super powers, I wouldn’t really know, I’ve always been really comfortable and confident in all parts of life except sex, so this nofap journey at least for me is all about improving that one pitfall in my life.