Age 26 – Finally lost virginity

I’m 26 years old and week ago I was virgin too. Now I am no more. 🙂 I started NoFap exactly on 1 January 2013, it just turned out that way. I wasn’t very good with girls, even though I’m quite handsome (in my opinion). Before starting NoFap I kissed only one girl in my whole life (25 years). I was dating her for about two months before I screwed up.I’m 100% sure that if I didn’t stop fapping I would still be a virgin.I can’t guarantee you that you will find a girlfriend and have sex in next four months (that’s my case) but I am sure that you will not if you continue fapping. Seriously. 

Two weeks before I had sex for the first time I relapsed, and week later when me and my girlfriend were both in bed, naked, I felt like shit and my dick was like “leave me alone, dude…”. I knew that if I want to have normal sex life I have to give up porn for good. Week later we had our first sex and believe me it was good.

I had a time in my life when I was very worried about the fact that I was a virgin, but then I just stopped giving a damn. Don’t be afraid, to be honest probably 99% of women will think that it’s weird that you are 35 years old and still a virgin, but you just have to go for it. My girlfriend told me that she thought most women would think that it’s strange that I was virgin in age of 26. I know it isn’t pleasant realisation, but don’t worry.

Stop fapping for good and nature will take it’s course. Trust me.