Age 26 – From delayed ejaculation and PIED to multi-orgasmic


First off; Thank you everyone for existing and sharing your stories.

I usually never post on forums and forgive me if my English is bad. But your stories helped me so in return I will try to help you. Been pmo;ing since 13, I’m 26 now. Started semen retention 80-90 days ago. I had DE and pied to some degree. It’s been a very hard journey for me with depression and emotional rollercoaster.

You know when you are porn free when you can masturbate without death grip and without porn and fantasies. When you can masturbate with only stimulation and you are aware of everything you feeling you know. Porn and fantasies make you lose connection with your body and you are in a made up world so you miss very important messages the body is trying to give you. I just had 3 orgasm, last one for 5 minutes. Mind-blowing. Google for – the ultimate guide to becoming a multi orgasmic man. It’s not that hard actually.

I still have a long way to go but this was too good not share with my brohimes.

Peace love <3

LINK – NoFap to multiorgasm

by Clitbang69