Age 26 – From hero to zero…and back!


6 years old: start to play football (soccer), a young kid with a lot of passion. From 11 to 15 years old: I am the best player of the team, the fastest, the most resistant, the strongest mind: I am the one who never quit! Some big teams start to scouting me. 15 years old: start to masturbating every day.

From 15 to 19: i’m not that good anymore, my stamina decrese month after month and i don’t know why

19 years old: get the internet, start to PMO 2 times a day

19 to 21: i’m not a good player anymore, have no more motivation, i am depressed,i start thinking that pmo has effect on my performances but don’t reallly believe it, I QUIT TO PLAY soccer

22 to 24: start to play FUTSAL, a sport who required a lot of concentration, mental clarity, reactivity, stamina…but i still pmo everyday and my performances are poor

24 years old: discovered NOFAP , now it all makes sense , start5 a reboot

24 to 26: my confidence, my stamina, my skills are coming back (i relapse many time but now i pmo few times a month)

26 years old(now): i am the captain and the leader of the team, i am one of the best player of the league everyone respects me

but i am not completely reeboted, i still fight pmo, sometimes i relapse and that affects my perfromances, some statistics can clarify: -when i pmo’d the day before a game: worst games of the years, 0 goals scored -when i pmo’d from 3 to 5 days before a game: not bad but not my best games, some goals scored but never >1 per match – >10 days clean: almost always MVP of the match, alway,ALWAYS 2 goals scored per match

I am sure that abstinence can aaffect drastically my results in sport, i saw this with my eyes, the statistics don’t liyng. But we are all different and for some masturbation+sport is not a problem. but give an opportunity to nofap!!! (english is not my language, i hope you understand everything well)

LINK – From hero to zero and from zero to hero, my life in sport before and after nofap

by marea89