Age 26 – I appreciate life more and can control negative intrusive thoughts


Before, I would only feel short bursts of positive energy, but it was mostly flatlining. At that stage, I was still trying to sort everything out (anxiety, depression, etc.). Still trying to figure out who I am. Now however, it seems this positive energy lingers a lot longer.

Not one person can convince me that this isn’t the full benefits of NoFap finally starting to present itself to me. My anxiety is more manageable, brain fog is becoming more and more a thing of the past. I can now control and respond to negative intrusive thoughts (I know I am not alone lol).

Basically I feel more. I appreciate more things out of life, even the small stuff. I hope everyone goes through what I’m currently going through. Good day!

I’m starting to really feel the difference in how I handle things, and how I perceive everything. Overall I’ve become such a better person.

I’m 26yo. The symptoms I felt mostly consisted of depersonalization, I just knew the person I was portraying wasn’t really me. I felt depressed like I wasn’t happy with what I’ve become. I had anxiety, I had intrusive thoughts I didn’t agree with. Simply put I wasn’t content with who I was. And I’ve been watching porn since 15-16.

LINK – Day 66: The True Benefits of NoFap are Unfolding Itself.

By wpen