Age 26 – I must say, that it has work very well for the depression.

So on January 20th I reached my 30 day goal. I started initially with the intent to whip my depression and mild anxiety out of me, and to get excited again from normal interactions with women. I must say, that it has work very well for the depression.

I discovered, in order to make the “challenge” easier on myself, I need to exercise and meditate. 20 minutes in the morning and evening of mindfulness meditation has helped tremendously. I am able to sit and watch whatever feelings are going on inside without the need or compulsion to do anything about it, which I think has benefits that have spilled over into other areas of my life, such as work, and unhealthy snacking.

I do yoga every morning, and this one video that used to be very challenging for me, I can just blow right through now. It’s Interesting that the benefits of exercise, meditation, and NoFap build on each other. In order for me to have the discipline to exercise almost every day, I need to be on NoFap so that I NEED to exercise, and at the same time I don’t relapse because I feel good enough because I did exercise / meditate / eat healthy. It’s kind of like an upward spiral.

I haven’t been experiencing more attention/attraction from women, at least not yet. I really hope this changes though. I work all day in an office with my dad, so I don’t get many opportunities to be around women.

Any advice on this? Thanks Y’all!

LINK – Day 30 reached – main goal accomplished

by Spoons Heaven