Age 26 – I suffered from PIED all my life and I’m glad to say that’s completely over.

This is my first post in more than a year. I’m Porn-free since 31 December 2013, after being severely addicted to porn for 13 years (I’m 26 now). I can truly say that stopping fapping was the most difficult, but the best decision in my life (I’ve relapsed over 30 times).

I suffered from PIED all my life and I’m glad to say that’s completely over. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had an ed experience. I did a lot of Kegels during my reboot and they helped me tremendously with having a stronger and harder boner.

The reason I started this post is actually that I’ve gone from PIED to PE. I don’t fap and I don’t have a lot of sex lately (my girlfriend gave birth to our son 5 months ago, so sex life is a little messed up). I think we have sex once every 3 weeks, but every time I come in less than a minute.

My girlfriend doesn’t mind since for her I went for not being able to get it up for her to blowing my load almost immediately when I enter her (she think this is a 100 times better than the other sitiation). But still, I feel a little bad about it because I still am not able to have sex the way I want. Does anybody who rebooted have similar experiences? TL: went from PIED to PE after reboot, is that normal?

Edit: if anybody has any other questions for me, feel free to ask them. I thank a lot of my progress to this subreddit, so I’m very motivated to help others in return.

LINK – More than a year Porn free. PIED, Kegels and PE. Others experience this?

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