Age 26 – I’m convinced that a heavy PMO habit literally makes you incapable of relationships


Why do I say this? Because ever since I started PMO-ing heavily, I haven’t been able to have relationships. I could only interact with people that I had a relationship with prior to PMO. I did manage to get 2 girlfriends but both dumped me within 3 weeks because I was a good boyfriend but then randomly I would become like the ice-man. They couldn’t trust me!

Now that I haven’t masturbated in 33 days, I am full of affection for pretty much everyone I talk to, unless they remind me of bad days. But I’m not great at showing that affection because I’ve lived like the ice-man for so many years. But the things they do and say stir me at my core, like back in the old days. My mind is primed for relationships once again, especially longing for a woman, now all I gotta do is figure out how to get the ice-man’s influence out of my head. Fuckin goddamn porn and chronic masturbation nearly killed me!

LINK – In convinced that a heavy PMO habit literally makes you incapable of relationships

by gallagher222


A FEW DAYS EARLIER – It’s crazy how porn use is not at all on the radar of most of our parents

I’ve been a chronic masturbator since my teens. I didnt see a hell of a lot of porn in high school due to having to use the family computer but I saw my fair share, being sneaky and fapping later to the images burned into my brain. But once I got out of high school and had my own laptop I went nuts.

Hours and hours of porn everyday and my twice a day masturbation habit exploded to five times a day. I chose to live by myself and masturbate and smoke weed as much as possible. Obviously my mental health deteriorated tremendously. Later I moved back into my parents house but didn’t let that stop me from being on my laptop for porn as much as possible. My parents were on my case all the time for being unproductive. But they literally thought I was just lying in my bed watching YouTube videos and such. Porn was not on their radar at all.

Since I discovered nofap I have quit masturbating and porn and feel so much better that I’ve told almost everyone I know about my chronic masturbation and porn use and how I’ve ended it. Including my parents. I always assumed they knew I was addicted to porn and just didn’t want to acknowledge it. But it turns out they really had no idea! It’s like they don’t understand a porn habit because they grew up basically without porn. They never ever connected the dots and literally just thought I was lazy. I wasn’t lazy, I was addicted and my brain was mush from the constant masturbation.

Since I quit porn and MO, I have zero desire to just lie around like I used to. I never would have done that if it hadn’t been for the porn. My mom was talking about a friend”s son who is 29 and has done nothing with his life, still lives at home and spends all night on the computer. Again, his parents have made no connection to porn use, they just think he is lazy and hooked to the computer. I was like “hello?! It’s porn!!!!” and my mom was like “really? You think?”

In short, most of the older generation has no concept whatsoever of porn habits/addictions. Their kids are addicted to it and the parents have no idea because they just can’t wrap their heads around this whole porn thing. They’re not in denial, they literally just never think of it. The only ones who understand are those with porn use experience and that is rare with the older generation. They might have bought the odd skin mag back in the day but that is nothing compared to the galaxy of porn their kids are watching, probably every day. It’s sad because there’s a lot of frustrated parents out there who are just baffled by their unproductive sons. If they understood the anatomy of a porn habit it would really save a lot of families a lot of grief.

by gallagher222